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Voice Search Websites Change the Game

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Voice Search Websites Change the Game

Is your company cashing in on the massive growth of voice search? Face it; people no longer want to type queries into search engines. They prefer to use their voices to formulate their questions. Because of this demand, Voice Search Pages are now a required piece of the business puzzle.

The main reason that Voice Search Pages are not as popular as they should be is that they’re challenging to create and maintain. Or, more accurately, they used to be until automated solutions began to appear on the market. Now, it’s a matter of creating a subscription and letting the technology take care of the rest.

It’s easy to figure out why voice search is skyrocketing; people talk a lot faster than they type. That makes doing a voice search query easier and more accurate. People tend to be precise when they use voice. They are explicit about what they’re seeking, which means long-tail keywords are crucial.

Voice searches are exploding as more consumers use devices that employ the feature. People using streaming devices and mobile phones aren’t going to take the time to type in search queries when speaking works even better. It’s possible to see a world where almost no one uses a keyboard for search queries, and it could be coming soon. Smart businesses are preparing by embracing voice search optimization and voice search SEO. 

People Prefer Talking Over TypingCapture the Smartphone Market When You Optimize a Website for Voice Search

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Over 50% of users access search engines using smartphones and a voice search engine. Businesses want to cater to this crowd because they’re high-income, savvy online consumers. They set the trends, and they are not interested in wasting time with old-school search technology when they can speak their query.

Seven out of ten people prefer talking over typing, so it’s only a matter of time until their preferred method dominates the search engine. That’s why having your voice search website is the single most crucial piece of the puzzle for an emergent digital strategy.

Smart Speakers Ownership And Usage Are Rising

Another upward trend concerning voice search is the rise of smart speakers. Ownership of this class of speakers is up sharply, and so is the percentage of people using the speakers for voice searches. Those are two critical trends for anyone who wants to get more traffic. Leading e-tailers have already cashed in on this trend. Small businesses are lagging but can pick up tons of search volume by initiating a voice search website to optimize Google search.

The technical hurdle is no more. Now, anyone can implement a voice-optimized search page that helps visitors find their business. Whether running a brochure-style business web page or a full-fledged e-commerce application, all online companies will benefit from optimized pages for voice searches. 

Voice Search Reaches the Inflection Point

51% of buyers now use some form of voice-assisted search to research their purchases. If your pages don’t appear, your products are not in consideration. That’s a massive problem for companies that are already facing a decline in search volume. Companies that only have traditional search traffic will see a steady decrease in visitors because of the technological shift. As with most changes online, once people move to a new way of searching, they won’t return to the old ways. Get a voice search website now and capture a rising trend.

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Choose Your Voice Search Optimization Path

There are two distinct primary ways to optimize your pages for voice search.

  • Do it yourself. This way you’ll save money. The drawbacks are that you’ll need to learn a ton of technical details and install professional tools to make the conversion. After that, you’ll need to maintain your pages no matter how many technological changes and demands come your way.
  • Purchase an AI service that handles all of the hard work for you. The downside is you’ll be out $25 per month. The upside is that your pages will always meet technical specifications and get you new customers who are using voice searches.

Team Meeting Using Voice SearchVoice search is one of those unchangeable internet trends. People aren’t going to suddenly want to revert to typing once they discover the ease of speaking. Not only that, but the drastic change also means businesses who love getting visitors will need to up their games. 

The keyword searches tend to be longer and more precise when people use voice search. That means it pays to have a broad strategy that includes answers to common questions. Achieving long-term success with voice search will mean that your website and business are the best answers to the questions. That takes a few distinct cornerstone principles to happen.

  • You must optimize your website for Google Voice Search.
  • Your business has to have a proper Customer Journey in place for visitors.
  • Your offering must be good enough to beat other competitors in your industry.
  • Your company’s online reputation must be stellar.
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If they fail at these principles, a business may have difficulty getting traction, even using established Local SEO practices. Voice Search should be added to the list of cornerstone initiatives that drive visits, turn conversions, and supply service to customers and prospects alike.