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  • Don’t Leave Your Business Entirely Up To Social Media Platforms

    Don’t Leave Your Business Entirely Up To Social Media Platforms

    While having a presence on Social Media websites is essential in today’s connected world, these platforms should be used strategically to strengthen up your online presence. It is a misinformed notion to rely solely on these platforms to represent your company or organization. If you think that a presence on Social Media is enough for […]

  • The Modern Marketing Playbook Is Heavy on Facebook

    The Modern Marketing Playbook Is Heavy on Facebook

    Big Data has been winning big for the past few years, and that’s unlikely to change. Digital Marketing relies on data more than most fields. Targeting people who resemble your ideal prospect is a fast way to find conversions. Facebook compiles more data than anyone. They have the most users and know just about everything […]

  • Small Business Marketing On Facebook With Reduced Organic Reach

    Marketers have been complaining for several years about reduced organic reach on Facebook. There’s no sense in whining about an issue like this because it will not change. Facebook has Wall Street Investors now and has to continue to increase their profits. The easiest way for them to do that is to charge for traffic, […]

  • Social Media Packages Offer Small Businesses the Coverage They Need to Succeed!

    These days small businesses that overlook the importance of having a professional online and social media presence are missing out on golden opportunities to extend their brand and marketing capacity, and Social Media Packages are the most efficient way to start getting your products and services in front of your target audience. While you might […]

  • Ohio Social Media Marketing Gets Your Business on the Way to Success

    These days, running a successful business is a lot more complicated and time-consuming than you imagine, especially with the added responsibility of building and maintaining multiple social media platforms. For some people, even the thought of setting up a new profile is daunting because it has to be optimized to get the best results possible. […]