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Don’t Leave Your Business Entirely Up To Social Media Platforms

While having a presence on Social Media websites is essential in today’s connected world, these platforms should be used strategically to strengthen up your online presence. It is a misinformed notion to rely solely on these platforms to represent your company or organization.

If you think that a presence on Social Media is enough for your business or Organization, it’s time to rethink this singular approach.

Five Reasons Social Media Isn’t Enough

You Control Your Domain – With a professional website, you retain editorial control over what information is made available to prospective clients and website visitors. Further, your site can get optimized to help increase visibility to get rankings in major search engines including Google, Bing, and others. Ongoing development helps assure that your site stays current with new offers, products, and services as needed.

Third-Party Providers To Handle Your Traffic – Without a website of your own, you’re leaving other sites to handle your business. Moreover, they take your traffic gladly and route it in ways they deem suitable for their purposes. They profit from misdirected traffic in whatever way they can, without regards to you. In the worst-case scenario, this could include recommending visitors who are looking for your company to competitors with websites. Leaving this responsibility to third-party providers never helps you build your company reputation, leads, prospects, or book of business. In the long-term, this is a grave mistake that can cost your business untold amounts of revenue and profits.

Not Everyone Uses Social Media – It’s hard to believe, but not everyone relies on Social Media Platforms as their preferred source for information. It may be difficult for people without active Social Media Accounts to connect with you or find your contact details if they aren’t active or registered social media account holders.

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People Expect You To Have A Website – The Internet is officially three decades old. Anyone who is serious about their business, organization, or cause understands the value of being the first line of information. Further, customization options allow you to add E-Commerce, build E-Mail lists,
offer appointment scheduling, and add other business functions to increase engagement and profits.

All Social Media Platforms Ask For Your Website Address – Social Media Platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Alignable, and others always ask users for their website URL. That right there says a lot! Not only do your visitors expect you to have a professional site, so do the Social Platforms themselves.

How Social Media Compliments Your Company

Undoubtedly, your presence on Social Media platforms matters. However, it shouldn’t be the only way that people can find your company or organization.

To maximize your efforts, think of your Social Media profiles like spokes in a wheel. These outposts (ideally) link back to your business website, creating a virtuous circle that leads back to YOU!

Without a company site in the middle, the chances are good that you’re missing out on valuable opportunities to represent yourself online. You don’t need a million pages. Even a brochure style website with a handful of pages and readily available contact information is enough to satisfy the inquiries of most visitors.

If you could use a hand to launch a mobile-friendly, secure website to augment your efforts on Social Media, give us a call at 1-877-830-3318 to discuss your project today!


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