Small Business Twitter Marketing Tips

Too many companies overlook Twitter as a crucial social media marketing channel.

That’s a huge mistake because the kind of customers they’re looking for love the site. Twitter is a hard-hitting social website with a unique culture that offers small business marketers several benefits.

Twitter Business Profiles Need Leverage
Twitter Business Profiles Need Leverage

They offer a paid ad system to help boost follower counts, engagement, and website visits. Twitter is also a social network where organic marketing efforts, especially when consistently performed, yield excellent returns.

There are several roadmaps to follow to increase the efficiency of your small business marketing on Twitter. You’ll need to determine upon which fork in the road you decide to travel based on the age of your current Twitter profile. New accounts and existing accounts have different rules on social networks, limiting which course of action you can take.

New Twitter accounts are somewhat suspect both to the platform and to other users. For this reason, it takes a bit more guile to grow fast with a fresh profile, but it’s still possible. If you remain committed to making the most out of the platform, Twitter growth is commensurate with your efforts.

Select an Appropriate Twitter Growth Strategy for Your Small Business Profile

If your profile is very new, keep in mind certain strategies work best.

  1. Follow influencers in your industry and share their best content regularly. There’s no reason to attempt to share only self-created content for most small businesses. Chances are you don’t have enough of it, and it’s not authoritative sufficient to make a difference. It’s better to curate top content to ensure your followers have something to appreciate. It also pays to begin your content creation efforts in efforts so that you have your material to distribute. A blend of both types makes for an interesting profile that appeals to a broad range of people in your industry.
  2. Engage with your followers and influencers as often as possible. Keep your name in front of your audience by updating often. Having conversations is the easiest way to get anyone to know you, so make sure to initiate a couple every day.
  3. Tweet as often as possible. Your Twitter follower account grows faster when you update more often. Don’t be shy about sharing on Twitter.
  4. Configure your Twitter profile for business. Your initial set up is important so don’t neglect this crucial stage. Provide as much detail as possible to help people find your profile.
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If your profile is more than six months old, you have a few other options.

  1. Enable your analytics or use third party tools to analyze your current userbase. See what value is already there, and leverage it to expand your reach. Start updating the profile on a regular basis and the activity of the existing followers should increase immediately.
  2. Follow related accounts in your industry based on their interest and geolocation. Older accounts have fewer limits that new ones do, increasing user management possibilities.
  3. Engage those who follow back. Look for possible collaboration if possible.
  4. Optimize your Twitter profile. Your old Twitter account will pick up steam with new followers when you optimize it with a copywritten and hashtag-rich description.

The rest of your basic social media marketing blueprint should be put in motion as soon as possible. Content drives interest from prospects in every industry. Adapting a new content marketing strategy to your needs means understanding what your ideal prospects most desire. A period of research is always the best starting point for any digital marketing campaign. When you know who you’re trying to influence, crafting a compelling message is less challenging.

Established Businesses Should Leverage Their Existing Customers and Channels

Growing a social media following requires leveraging resources. Existing businesses should leverage their streams of foot traffic, email lists, and in-person handouts to encourage people to follow. A low-cost incentive item lures people in quickly, and outstanding content keeps them coming back for more. Leveraging your current customer base is a fast way to get ideal followers across your social media platforms. While you’re pitching them on following your profiles, you may as well ask them what kind of content they enjoy. Feedback like this is invaluable and gives you an insight into how to create a perfect social feed.

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B2C businesses have an easier time that B2B companies do when they use incentives. However, you may have options in that area. If you go this route, make sure the offer is compelling enough that getting followers in this manner is worth your investment. If not, there are numerous other strategies you can use. The one you select depends almost entirely on your objectives.

Get Moving with These Twitter Small Business Marketing Tips
Get Moving with These Twitter Small Business Marketing Tips

Getting the message out should be the natural part of your foray into small business Twitter marketing. There’s a vast audience there to introduce to your products, services, and brand. Since many of them probably haven’t heard of or dealt with you, strive to gain trust and earn credibility through your digital marketing campaigns. Social media marketing and user management are vital for success. Your Twitter following will not grow itself. Due to enormous levels of competition, it requires a constant effort to push through the crowd to get noticed.

  • Twitter is a fast-paced environment.
  • Content has a short shelf life (15 minutes according to most studies.)
  • Twitter has more options for gaining organic followers than other networks.
  • The platform is perfect for direct selling, pre-selling, and authority-building, depending on your campaign objectives.
  • Twitter allows for fast growth if you follow proven formulas.

Twitter has risen to the forefront of top tier social networks because it’s easy to use and useful. There’s no good reason to ignore the platform, and it’s enormous active user base. Succeeding on this platform takes time and dedication to updating and engagement, but is well worth the effort. Once your Twitter profile is well-known, you’ll find direct traffic is easy to get for events and blog posts. If you don’t want to do the work yourself, give us a call at 1-877-830-3318. We love helping small businesses establish their Twitter marketing.

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