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Don’t Let Social Media Take over Your Life

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Managing social media can become an odious task. There are many networks to post to, and all of them have clear rules. Not only that, those “rules” are continually evolving.

Following trends is not paying as well as it once did. People are becoming more picky about content, making it harder to get any attention at all.

Get out in Front and Lead

If you want to avoid being a follower, it means you’ll have to lead the way. Sometimes, that’s easier said than done, especially for busy people with lots of responsibilities to juggle. Could it be that this new era of social media marketing will become one where “less is more” holds a lot of meaning?

The major networks have been cracking down on creators and content for years now. They’re steering social sharing in a new direction, one where quality may finally win out over quantity. We’re not there yet, obviously, but all of this censorship will inevitably weed out a lot of the “voices” online.

Despite that optimism, it’s hard to conceive that Facebook, Twitter, and their peers will suddenly become more respectful of business-created content. They are quick to charge corporate customers for promotions, but the big networks always skew towards gossip, sports, and entertainment. They want businesses to pay their share for getting the word out, which makes it a more challenging job for anyone trying to gain attention.

So, yes, it seems like it’s worth going for higher quality content campaigns with precise goals. Churning out a lot of general purpose shares may drive traffic, but without sufficient conversions, it simply won’t “move the chains.”

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It’s the Right Time to Unleash the Chatbots

Social Media Concept With Robot At BlackboardIt’s also crucial to maintain contact information from website visitors. Chatbots are increasing in popularity. They can initiate conversations with visitors and collect lead generation data. For busy websites, these helpful bots offer many distinct advantages.

CRM Integration Is No Longer Optional

Websites should integrate fully with your CRM. That way, your sales team can seamlessly onboard and qualify all website visitors quickly. Customers expect quick onboarding and comprehensive support. Their initial interactions with your website give them a profound glimpse into what dealing with your company is all about. Get them up and running rapidly with your CRM.

Don’t Give Away the Store

There’s no reason to give people too much free content. Some of your company’s most valuable stuff must remain off limits. It’s worth offering more relevant content as part of a webinar where you collect the participant’s information first. If they’re not willing to provide even a small amount of contact info, why bother supplying them with endless streams of valuable info?

No matter what, don’t just blindly burn money on Facebook or Google Ads if they don’t bring back enough return. Instead, focus on simplifying your message and tightening your sales funnel. Optimizing your sales process is something you have control over. Ads and bid prices on social networks offer no such guarantees.

Manage your campaigns tightly and hire third-party services to handle work that’s not part of your core competency. If you’re willing to do those two simple things, you’ll continue to get the types of results you want without a hassle.

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