Social Media Marketing Is an Ideal Source of Business Leads

Create Revenue Streams by Selling Social Media Management

There’s little doubt that social media marketing is here to stay. 

Companies that choose to ignore the need for professionally managed social media accounts do so at their risk. 

The reason this inertia is risky is that THEIR customers expect to find them on their favorite networks. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and others are sites that people visit every single day of their lives. They expect that the businesses they deal with are going to be there too. If they look for your company and find an anemic presence, they won’t like it! That’s the reason we say that the first purpose of social media management is strictly defensive.

Social Media Marketing Is an Ideal Source of Business Leads

Social Media Marketing Is an Ideal Source of Business Leads

Even more exciting, social media marketing drives new leads into sales funnels. Social media users are always on the lookout for new offers. They are open to hearing from you when you connect with them online. If your strategy involves providing them with enough information to buy, you eliminate any barriers they face. Reducing friction in your sales channel increases conversions and revenues.

Neglecting essential channels of communications can’t work out for any business! 

Smart organizations are also selling social media management services to their B2B customers. SMM is a substantial incremental revenue stream with a high ARPU. Most companies won’t dump their project managers any more than they’d cut a winning ad. 

Which type of businesses benefit from selling SMM alongside their core offerings:

  • Web designers
  • SEO companies
  • Web developers
  • Programmers
  • Offline marketing agencies
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When you sell ancillary, related services you take a ride on the fast road to higher revenues and profits. Focus on your core competency and maintain the customer relationship. You also help your clients cover the ground needed to promote their business. Social media spurs revenue by putting people in your sales funnel. 

Now you can use White Label Social Media Management to grow your business and to sell to customers. The best part is, the service is “Done For You.” Give us a call at 1-877-830-3318 to discuss your options.






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