Alignable Is a Growing Social Network for Businesses

The giants of social networking have been around for years and are no longer the cozy places they once were.

Alignable Is a Growing Social Network for Businesses
Alignable Is a Growing Social Network for Businesses

That’s why it pays to keep your eyes out for new, upcoming social networks that serve specific purposes. Alignable is one such platform that merits attention.

Alignable is a business network that makes connection marketing easy. Small firms that are interested in connecting with other companies in there have an easy way to do it flawlessly. Connecting with people is very tough on established networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, especially for newer businesses.

The “famous” companies that have been around forever and have deeply funded marketing campaigns tend to get the lion’s share of interest.

Alignable Is Connection Marketing in Action

Long-running networks have so many users that for a significant amount of companies which join it’s tough to cut through the thick underbrush of competitors to connect and engage with prospects in any significant manner.

Alignable focuses on meaningful connections that help local businesses get together and to recommend each other to prospects. The site is easy to use and has all the features you’d expect to find on a social platform. It’s quick and painless to invite your current contacts (either from a CSV file or Linkedin export file.) Once you’ve selected them, Alignable will send out an email invite for them to join. Growing your network is not limited to invites. You’ll also be able to search on the site itself to connect with like-minded organizations.

Why Should My Business Join Alignable?

Join Alignable for Referrals and Word of Mouth
Join Alignable for Referrals and Word of Mouth

Growing platforms are an excellent place to stake your claim. The startup has received over $12 million from investors so far, indicating that the site is meeting objectives.

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LinkedIn is currently the preeminent business network, but it’s very crowded and not easy to gain traction on for most SMBs. More importantly, that system doesn’t focus on referral and word of mouth business the way Alignable does.

In fact, all of the marquee social networks are crowded and ultra-competitive. It’s crucial to always start new beachheads on the next wave of social channels if you want to keep a growing stream of new clients coming in on a daily basis. If you don’t, your company will be forced to deal with eroding market share. The vast networks that have become household names already demand payments for boosting your content, which makes it increasingly difficult to get the word out, even when you have new content to share. Reduced organic reach will continue to be an issue. One way to deal with it is by expanding the number of platforms where you distribute your content.

Stagnation is guaranteed if you continue to focus only on the top-tier networks. They are crucial, of course, but so is finding new horizons. If your business would benefit from referrals from other organizations, there’s no good reason to skip creating a profile on Alignable.

If you’d like to join me on Alignable, click here. I look forward to connecting!






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