Small Business Content Marketing Is Low-Risk and High-Reward

Content Marketing Helps Small Business Level the Playing Field
Content Marketing Helps Small Business Level the Playing Field

Small business content marketing is on fire because it works so well at attracting and converting new customers.

We’ve all heard the sickening statistics about small business failure. A majority of new startups across all sectors fail within three years of their birth.

The reason in the majority of cases is they didn’t have enough capital or enough customers to withstand the challenges of day to day operations.

It’s incredibly hard for new entrants in any market to gain traction. By the time they arrive on the scene, their competitors have spent decades to hardening their roots! They’re dug in and the “little guy” just doesn’t have enough reach, pull, or authority to get people to consider his offerings.

Without an influx of new customers, any organization eventually feels the pinch. In the case of smaller business, they feel the pain almost instantly. That’s why content marketing has caught on in a big way. This form of “Attraction Marketing” blends modern technology with a proven century-old technique to create engaging content that makes people want to learn more about your business.

Branding Is More Important Than Pushing Sales

This style of marketing is in direct contrast to traditional “push marketing” methods and advertising. Those tactics attempt to sell as much product to people as possible by using broad campaigns. Needless to say, champions of push marketing tend to have massive budgets that small competitors just can’t match. Content marketing involves a much lower investment over time that offers a significant payoff over time. The content your organization crafts not only draws people into your sale funnel, but it also helps them form a bond with your brand.

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Branding is crucial because it differentiates your offerings from your competitors. Social media marketing harnesses the power of your content by distributing it right into the hands of those who are most likely to benefit from your information. These people are happy that you’re so helpful, and they form a positive association with your brand immediately. Once this process scales up, the business begins to get leads on autopilot. Where once “pushing” was the way, now “pulling” people into their sales funnel becomes a piece of cake.

Content Marketing Offers Value

Content Marketing Helps You Live the Good Life
Content Marketing Helps You Live the Good Life

Content has a longer shelf life than PPC or banner ads. Once you’ve created an excellent piece of shareable content, it becomes an asset for your organization to use again and again. Not only that, your most popular articles, images, and videos drive qualified traffic to your offers consistently for an extended period. Comparing that result to paying for “clicks” that quickly disappear, the value becomes evident fast.

Content also brands and sells potential customers and future clients. Content marketing is the right choice for small businesses because it’s a way to directly communicate with prospects to show them the type of work you do and the kind of organization you represent. People who have been exposed to your brand in a positive light over time enter the sales funnel pre-sold. That makes the work much easier for your sales department.

Ultimately, the more people that have a favorable view of your company, the better. Most sectors are top heavy with able competitors. Any edge you can attain to make you stand out and move ahead of the pack is worth the effort and investment. Fortunately, investing in content marketing is affordable for small businesses and works well for achieving a myriad of business objectives. Any organization that stays true to the course and updates frequently will find themselves basking in ample rewards in a matter of months.

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Benefits of Small Business Content Marketing

  • Content marketing has a longer shelf life than alternatives.
  • The overall costs are cheaper than most forms of traditional advertising.
  • Social networks provide “real-time” visitors who are actively searching for solutions to their problems.
  • Well-crafted content pre-sells, informs and persuades people concerning your products and services.
  • Creates an “always on” marketing initiative that gets results around the clock.

The main drawback of this type of marketing is the potentially slow lead time. Customers report achieving impressive results in anywhere from 60 days to six months. For companies that don’t have the patience, content marketing is not as “instant” as paid ads. However, after the initial waiting period is over, your company receives a steady stream of engaged visitors who are ready to buy! Paid ads never have that advantage because of the nature of the relationship.

Content Marketing Builds Trust and Credibility

Content Goes Great with Your Morning Coffee
Content Goes Great with Your Morning Coffee

Since prospects don’t know or trust those companies that pay for the ad, their attitude is a bit different. They’re more likely to want special pricing or for you to prove yourself in some way. The people who are brought in through content marketing already have trust and respect for your business. They’re more likely to deal with you on a face value basis, and they’re more eager to purchase!

Content marketing is only going to become more crucial as time passes. Consumer, especially younger ones, are turning off to all forms of “push marketing” and are looking towards content and social recommendations to help make their decisions. Now is the time to give them the custom articles, images, and videos they need at exactly the right time. Once they have the proper information they’ll reward your company by becoming a customer.

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Never before has such a low-cost and all-encompassing marketing method been available to small businesses. In the past, only mega-corporations with deep pockets had the ability to execute consistent campaigns that drove results. That’s no longer the case as digital marketing agencies have risen to the challenge to help SMBs with their marketing online. You don’t have to do it all yourself!

Starting a content marketing initiative is as simple as giving us a call at 1-877-830-3318. We’d love to discuss your business and your objectives. In our experience, all sectors benefit from this type of marketing, as long as the right strategy is in place.






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