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Is Your Business Website Guilty Of These 5 Blunders?

When it comes to business, a company website is a fantastic asset to have on your side. Like all valuable assets, it is something that you should protect and optimize for the highest ROI (Return On Investment.)

For many business owners, technology isn’t always the sharpest tool in their toolset. After all, there are a million other things to do in a day. It’s easy to think “I have a website. That’s good enough.”

Unfortunately, Google and other search engines don’t follow this same belief system. As the Internet has grown and evolved, they’ve set their standards higher. Even casual website owners are expected to step up their game to provide a more secure and seamless user experience on devices of all sizes and types.

If your business or organizational website is guilty of these five common webmaster blunders these issues that should get addressed immediately, if not sooner.

No Padlock or Security Protocols – According to data provided by US News in 2014, online crime accounted for .08 percent of Worldwide GDP. As a business owner, having a Green Padlock and SSL Protocols helps you protect visitors from getting targeted by keylogging software and packet sniffers. These programs are designed to intercept insecure data and put you, your website, your business, and visitors at risk. Even more concerning is if you don’t address these issues, Google greets your visitors with an intimidating security warning message instead of your website content. (See image) As you can imagine, this is enough to scare anyone away – and never come back again.

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Your Connection Is Not Private

Outdated Information or Links – Information on the internet is always changing and progressing. What was once useful and timely resources may not be that helpful as of today.

Featuring dead links or outdated information on your website doesn’t help establish credibility or improve the user’s experience. For instance, Google Sunset Google+ in early April 2019. Sites with Social Sharing links are linking to a dead destination and make the site owner appear careless about the maintenance of their website asset.

Adobe Flash – Another technology that has had brighter days is Adobe Flash. These days, most website browsers no longer support Flash. And, in 2020, Adobe Flash reaches “end of life” rendering Flash websites unsupported and virtually useless.

Non-Responsive Design – Logic dictates that your website should be functional for website visitors using all types of devices and viewing screens. Fixed settings, like Flash websites, have gone the way of the dodo bird in 2019 and beyond. Responsive website design assures your site formats correctly and looks great regardless of whether visitors are browsing with a Smartphone, a tablet, a laptop, a desktop, or a TV monitor. Further, a responsive website design is the foundation for making Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) available in mobile search engine results. (We talk about that next!)

Not AMP Accessible – A growing number of people worldwide access the Internet using mobile devices. The need for fast loading mobile pages is more critical to accommodate users using smaller devices. Accelerated Mobile Pages – or AMP – addresses the issue by serving up ‘lighter’ pages that focus on the core content of the page. AMP enabled sites “strip” out external objects that impede load time and negatively affect the mobile user experience overall.

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If your business or Organizational website isn’t performing as well as you want, now is an excellent time to review your site technology. Any of these issues could be what’s holding you back from the traffic, business, and sales you deserve.

If you don’t have the time or you would prefer to have someone else help you address these issues, our team is happy to help. Give us a call at 1-877-830-3318 or Schedule An Appointment to discuss your concerns today!


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