Why Your Site Needs AMP Pages (And What You Can Do About It)

AMP Pages Help You Stay Competitive

As it relates to technology – and everything in life – you can bet your bottom dollar that change is inevitable.

Looking back, the Internet seems nothing like it did 30 years ago. It wasn’t uncommon to pay $3,000 and up for a computer system. 56K computer modems ruled the day, and T1 connections were high-end data pipelines.

Fast forward to the present day. The use of desktop computers have declined sharply, and many people rely solely on their Smartphones and wireless connectivity for Internet access.

Changing Trends Call For Evolution

It is not surprising that Google and other major search companies have made adjustments to their algorithms and ranking factors over the years. The rapid adoption of Smartphones makes it easy to understand why they favor mobile-friendly sites with AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages.) They need to answer inquiries across multiple device types efficiently.

AMP technology improves website speed and performance for visitors who are using mobile devices to view content. AMP pages strip unneeded objects that slow down the browsing experience. They use a subset of HTML code that allows visitors to focus on the content of the page.

To identify if a web page is AMP enabled when doing a Google search, all you need to do is look for a small lightning bolt found next to the link in search results. AMP pages make a better mobile user experience because they remove external objects that slow load times and negatively impact mobile speed.

How AMP Benefits Everyone

Accelerated Mobile Pages offer a host of benefits to publishers, business owners, and organizations alike. Here are some of the most relevant reasons to add AMP capabilities for mobile visitors.

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Fast Loading – “A” stands for “Accelerated” meaning that users will access your pages nearly instantaneously. Scrolling is more comfortable and quicker since non-important objects are identified and stripped from the page automatically.

Responsive Design – AMP pages are lighter versions of standard web pages. Nonetheless, they uphold your design and layout preferences including branding elements and non-intrusive advertising that doesn’t affect mobile user experience.

Elevated Visibility – To help mobile browsers with better user experience, search results that are AMP enabled feature a small lightning bolt beside it. This recognition gives your website or page an edge over your competitors who haven’t adapted to these standards and are slower.

Accessible Across All Devices – Another benefit of using AMP pages is they are cross-compatible. They work with screens of all sizes, regardless of whether they are mobile or large monitors. Further, AMP pages increase accessibility and extend your reach across devices of all sizes and types.

Need Help To Upgrade To AMP?

AMP is effective at getting your pages in front of mobile viewers. Fast loading pages help improve user metrics across the board. By catering to the needs of your viewers, you’re taking steps to engage with visitors, satisfy modern technical requirements, and boost your bottom line.

If you have questions or you would like help making the transition to AMP pages, our experts can help with a hassle-free website solution. Give us a call at 1-877-830-3318 or Schedule A No-Obligation Consultation today!





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