Keep Your Team Happing with Inbound Leads

Effective Social Media Marketing Requires Consistency and Congruency

It’s not hard to understand why people fail when they attempt social media marketing.

It’s the same reason for failing in almost all human activities, which is giving up too soon!

Content fills the digital marketing world from every source imaginable. To gain visibility in a marketplace, this crowded requires consistency and precision. Success won’t happen overnight, and it definitely won’t occur without a ton of effort.

Most companies are stretched too thin to handle the day to day load of performing effective content marketing. They don’t do enough sharing or content creation to gain traction. The audience on social networks is notorious for having short attention spans. The only way to break through to their consciousness is by constantly updating content. Producing and sharing this much content is an onerous task that few organizations are prepared to shoulder.

Since most small organizations simply don’t have the resources or tools to devote to social media management, they don’t accomplish what they set out to do. That’s why the preferred solution is to leave the heavy lifting of digital marketing strategy, content marketing, content curation, content creation, and social media management to companies that are devoted to the cause. They have the staff, training, and tools in place to adequately express your brand’s intentions online.

A winning strategy results in the Big Four Pillars of social media success:

  • Sales
  • Leads
  • Branding
  • Engagement
Keep Your Team Happy with Fresh Inbound Leads
Keep Your Team Happy with Fresh Inbound Leads

Qualified Project Managers Make SMM Easy

There’s little question that effective content marketing and social media management require skilled project managers. Unless your organization has staff doing this on a full-time basis, the chances are excellent that your efforts are falling short. Poor results are no fault of yours! Very few companies are in a position to handle the rigors of content marketing in-house. Luckily, it’s incredibly easy to turn the duties over to a third party.

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Once a strategy is defined, the rest comes down to execution. Your digital marketing agency employs strategies that are useful for your industry and your objectives. Because of deft management, your social campaigns result in meaningful engagement with new prospects. As long as you have a proper sales funnel in place, you’ll make the most out of your online digital marketing efforts by capturing and nurturing those people until they become customers. Consistency is a strong quality to possess, as is congruency for making this happen.

Congruency means your messaging takes on a uniform flair. People who receive messages from your brand know what to expect because of congruency. Believe it or not, this familiar feeling helps people bond with your organization and your products. In a world where it’s becoming extremely hard to sell similar offerings, branding is a critical component of successful marketing. Consumers know they have more choices than ever. Because of this knowledge, they are confident when shopping and will look elsewhere if you don’t deliver what they want. No matter whether you sell a service or product, branding helps position your organization in consumer’s minds.

Engagement Is the X-Factor That Determines Social Success

Interaction with your brand with your prospects matters because this is where the “rubber meets the road” in the social selling experience. People buy from organizations that they trust and respect. Engagement is the best way to display both to your prospects. Without tools for monitoring, proper engagement across multiple social channels is nearly impossible. If engagement falters, those potential clients are left untended and are likely to be poached by a more able competitor.

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Engagement Energizes Your Leads
Engagement Energizes Your Leads

Your Business Needs Skilled Social Media Management

By now you probably see just how time intensive managing multiple social accounts is for most organizations. With this much new work to perform, it wouldn’t be long before the organization would have to abandon their core mission to work full time on social management! Fortunately, third parties have risen to fill the void, so that unfortunate circumstance doesn’t need to happen. Delegate the responsibility to a motivated third party to ensure it’s done right.

The majority of business people are aware they need to take content marketing and social media management seriously. In fact, according to a study from the National Small Business Association, over 50% of small business owners believe they need effective social media management in order to be successful.

There’s no question these erstwhile business folks want to reap the rewards of a well managed social campaign, but they aren’t approaching the subject in a systematic, scientific way like digital marketing experts do. They’re leaving their campaigns to chance. They also almost never update enough or with interesting enough content to make an impact. Before long their frustration levels skyrocket and they quit in frustration.

This pattern is repeated daily all over the world. The big companies don’t have such issues. They recognized that the social landscape was a goldmine, so they devoted plenty of resources to the cause. They either hired in-house or appointed agencies to handle the daily grunt work for them. This aggressive philosophy has proven extremely useful because dedicated project managers don’t quit on their assignment. They manage the detailed work every day, ensuring that they unleash the real power of social networking. There’s no doubt social media marketing is the most powerful tool to drive new business that’s currently available to small businesses and large enterprises alike. As long as someone is grinding away, performing all the necessary tasks with a cohesive strategy, unlimited growth potential is possible.

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Social Media Management Is One Investment That Always Pays Off

Get a Return on Social Media
Get a Return on Social Media

Further complicating the issue is that each social network has its unique DNA that requires a distinct type of sharing. There is no way to make “one size fits all” types of shares and get good results. Shares that don’t take into account the culture of the site they’re being shared on fall flat. Even using the proper strategy doesn’t mean there’s a guarantee that the content will work. That’s why constant experimentation, monitoring, and testing are vital to long-term success. Experienced social media managers review data obsessively to find the answers and patterns they recognize. Once they discover which shares do the best on each network, they continue to accelerate your growth by feeding your fans a steady stream of content they love.

An investment in social media management pays off with a steady stream of engaged, energized leads for your sales team to convert. With efforts that go on around the clock, dedicated social media project managers tend to your interests, helping your social profiles rise . Enjoy the rest of your time doing what you deem to be most important and leave the social management to someone else. Call us today at 1-877-830-3318 to discuss your project.






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