Twitter Management for Small Business Requires Dedication

Twitter Remains a Critical Small Business Marketing Channel

One thing hasn’t changed in 2016, and that’s the power of Twitter to help small businesses grow. 

The company behind the network has had trouble impressing some investors. However, that’s no reason to ignore the fact there’s a huge audience there.

Perhaps best of all is they maintain their unique culture. Twitter is not a walled garden where communication is nearly impossible. In fact, it’s a tremendous resource for any organization to find new followers. These followers are potential customers, current clients, and supporters who help you grow your business. 

Twitter Is Not a Walled Garden Like Its Competitors

Twitter Management for Small Business Requires Dedication
Twitter Management for Small Business Requires Dedication

There’s no good reason to ignore this channel. Twitter continues to grow, and the people who use the site are loyal. They represent consumers in every segment of business. No matter what your product or service, you can establish a presence on Twitter, that’s profitable. 

Growing a Twitter following takes hard work. You (or someone on your behalf) needs to update daily and communicate with others. Without an aggressive plan of action, there’s little chance of gaining a following. The businesses that grow share freely. They curate content from others and create a great deal of their own. That’s merely the beginning of the effort, but it establishes a strong presence. 

Social media marketing is a fast way to extend your net. Twitter is much like a large city with plenty of people passing by each day. It’s not hard to engage with them in the same way it is on LinkedIn or Facebook. This openness allows aggressive businesses to expand their follow count exponentially.

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Community management done consistently yields positive results. It’s crucial to understand the nature of Twitter. Technically, it’s the service that limits characters to 140. For that reason, being succinct is a distinct advantage! 

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