Don’t Abandon Your Simple Company Website

Social media offers several benefits, but that doesn’t mean it’s a wise idea to shut down your simple company website to stay exclusive to these networks and platforms. After all, they’re independent businesses, so they make changes as they see fit.

Instead of leaving your company at the whims of these providers, your business site allows you to present your company as you wish.

Expand your digital presence by putting the website in its proper position at the center of your online universe.

At the very least, it’s worth using a hub and spoke configuration to visualize your web presence. The site is the hub at the center, and all other third-party sites lead back.  

Websites all need a steady supply of traffic. Much of that traffic will come from search, mobile, social platforms, and advertising. Maximizing this traffic is critical to running a profitable simple business website.

Your Simple Business Website Is Too Valuable to Neglect

You don’t own the real estate on someone else’s site. For the most part, it’s not a big deal. However, there a time may soon come when that loss of control is crucial. Business owners who maintain and manage a simple business website build valuable equity on the digital side of their business.

Of course, social platforms would be happy if business owners moved all their services to their networks. Mass migration would give them even more of users’ business data, as well as greater control over how the content gets distributed.

At first, social platforms are generous with visitors when new businesses join. Many followers will get updates, and it will be relatively easy to drive traffic to their business page. Over time, though, most companies face declining organic reach. It’s essential to focus on creating new, shareable content to attract organic traffic, visitors, and clicks. 

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By adding an E-Commerce component to your site, you can introduce new profit centers to your business. Offering products and services for sale directly from your domain is a leading reason to put a website at the center of your marketing and promotional efforts. 

With Facebook Taking Losing Users, Why Take Chances?

Social networks should continue to do what they do, but putting all your business aspirations on their platforms is risky. Facebook lost 15 million users in the last couple of years for a variety of reasons. Changing trends and preferences among users are always going to impact usage.

There’s no reason to put all your business bets on social networks. Ultimately, it should remain a single part of your balanced digital marketing campaigns. One of the most significant risks of becoming obsessed with trendy marketing strategies is they change quickly. What worked a year ago probably isn’t as effective as it once was.

You have a stellar chance to establish a website that earns significant revenues and contributes revenue to your overall business. Gone are the days when “brochure websites” were nothing but a considerable expense. Now, due to the advancement in functionality, all of them can contribute to achieving business objectives.

Fortunately, You Have Options

Whether it’s lead generation or selling directly, a WordPress site offers the functionality you need. Businesses that choose that famous platform marvel at how easy it is to accomplish everything their company wants to do online. 

Business owners who prefer a more straightforward approach can use a Website Builder that publishes directly from your Facebook Business Page. The advantage of this solution is your website, and Facebook page are always in sync. Businesses who continuously update Facebook don’t always keep their commercial business websites on the same level as their social pages.

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WordPress – has an extensive selection of themes and plugins that allow anyone to extend their web presence.

The disadvantage is that the best themes and plugins are premium, so it takes a decent budget (and a bit of knowledge) to build your website. 

WordPress also requires a lot of maintenance, so it’s not always for the faint of heart. Choosing a managed WordPress website a better bet for business projects.

Website Builders – if you lack basic knowledge of design and are looking for the most straightforward option, website builders are a fantastic choice. They are functional, well-designed, and easy to use. 

If your business is lacking a corporate website or your current site could benefit from a design or content refresh, now is the time to align your business for greater success online. 

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