Local Online Marketing Works

Boost Local Online Marketing Efforts With Business Blogging

If you want to boost local online marketing efforts, business blogging is a big deal. 

New blog posts are topically relevant and establish authority. That’s an ideal combination for business owners looking to boost their local online marketing efforts.

Connect With Your Local Audience
Connect With Your Local Audience

Business blogging increases organic search traffic from people performing local, category, and brand searches. A strategy to cash in on these searches using topical keyword phrases is the ideal approach to finding customers who are very close to purchasing.

Blogs Help You Target Local And Category Searches

Brand searches are precise. Examples are people searching for phrases like “Joe’s Coffee” or “Angela’s Pizza” are looking for a particular brand. Category searches like “Pizza in Chicago” or “Milwaukee Bars” show the intent to try somewhere in the local area, without regard to a specific brand.

Savvy businesses who focus on local marketing efforts or category searches are likely to convert a large number of customers. Long-tail keyword research into the category unearths many profitable phrases. The fantastic thing about these kinds of keywords is that they are low competition but still have a decent search volume.

That means that winning the battle of local marketing is more achievable, and there’s plenty of reward for the victors.

Gain the Benefits of Business Blogging

Business blogging is an ideal way to put your local online marketing campaign into overdrive.

Blog content is ideal for answering specific questions that customers have. Someone unsure of how to fix a clogged sink will search for an answer. They may land on a blog post that answers the question quickly and accurately. At that point, they develop an interest in the company that produced the content.

Content Marketing Is Action Oriented

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Content and local online marketing follows the long-in-use advertising model known as AIDA.

Blog posts are capable of moving a customer through all four stages of the AIDA funnel. First, the post captures their “Attention.” After that, it’s possible to pique their “Interest.” With a compelling call-to-action in place, the article may even demand a “Decision,” which pushes the visitor to take “Action.”

Even if the blog entry can’t do all the heavy lifting, it is a good start. If it’s impossible to entice the visitor to convert, most businesses will attempt to get their email for timely followups.

Authority Results from Accurate Posting

A fantastic benefit of blog posting is that it creates domain authority. Blog posts that offer in-depth and accurate answers to common questions attract citations and social shares. Those are signals that tell search engines to add more relevance to pages from the domain.

Websites without authority often struggle to find traction in search rankings. They have to settle for lower rankings and less traffic because there’s no proof they’re credible industry experts. 

When competing on a local scale, business blogging gives businesses a chance to gain more interest, build a wider audience, and the opportunity to establish credibility within their target market. When combined with other aspects of search engine optimization and other proven marketing tactics, companies can gain traction by ranking for targeted, long-tail searches.

  • Content marketing – creates interest and develops an audience and a list of prospects.
  • Email newsletter and followups – establish consistency, branding, and trust.
  • Conducting transactions – allows the business and customer to establish a beneficial, long-term relationship.

Business blogging goes a step further because it builds relationships with prospects and customers after the sale. The benefits don’t end with a single visit. Instead, people that receive exposure to a consistent cross-channel content marketing strategy are likely to buy often.

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People trust blog content. The platforms are robust and provide a location for authors to write on a variety of topics. Companies that add blogging to their marketing efforts boost their credibility because visitors appreciate and rely on the information.

Build Your Content Marketing Foundation on Blog Posts

Blog content is foundational. It becomes a critical building block for a comprehensive marketing strategy. Without high-quality blog posts, you’re overlooking the multiple benefits. Hosting a steady stream of well-written content, videos, and images grow audiences on social media and beyond. Even companies that post videos are well-advised to publish one or two well-written blog posts to their website to gain additional targeted traffic.

While some people only watch videos, others prefer long-form written content. It’s worth the effort to provide them with thoughtful content pieces. These visitors tend to engage and convert, so courting them is a logical extension to your marketing plan. Full blog posts keep readers on-site for longer times. Longer visit durations add to the value of your website.

Giving people up-to-the-minute, and accurate information is a simple way to start a business relationship. It shows you care about offering a solution to their problems and you can help them. Customers turn to companies for assistance, so being a helpful resource is an excellent way to begin your business relationship.

Timely Updates Are Part Of A Well-Rounded Local Marketing Strategy

Another reason to blog and share to social network updates is to let customers know that someone’s home and managing the business. Abandoned or undernourished digital assets can mistakenly give the impression that no one cares – rightfully so.

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Digital assets are valuable. The most successful business owners understand the urgency in maintaining their professional image. Blogging and a professional website both play a significant role in staying competitive online.  

Regular blog entries show the world that the lights are on and that you’re serious about doing business. You can give readers a glimpse into the inner workings of your company, highlight your employees, or answer questions that are common in your industry. 

These types of timely updates create attention and interest. They can also direct traffic from third-party sites to your website pages. Increased traffic allows you to convert them into prospects or customers. Without blog posts or an updated website, company websites look like a barren wasteland of forgotten or abandoned dreams. Not surprisingly, the results from visits to these sites are right in line. 

Need Help Developing A Local Online Marketing Content Strategy?

Establishing a content marketing and blogging strategy has never been easier. If you don’t have the time, professional blogging services offer a solution. Don’t let another website visitor leave your site unimpressed. Our team of expert business bloggers is here to help you establish more credibility and keep fresh visitors coming to your site.