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Fresh Content Unleashes The Value Of Your Company Blog

So, you started a company blog, and things went swimmingly for a while. You set a posting schedule and met your posting goals. After an initial outburst of creativity and productivity, however, your blogging efforts fell to the wayside.

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Your Company Blog Is A Valuable Asset!

Don’t feel bad. You aren’t the first to start a company blog and run out of topics to write about! It takes discipline to blog consistently. If you’ve covered the same topics for a while, it can be challenging to come up with ‘fresh takes’ on the same old subject.

The more significant issue is when a temporary writer’s block turns your company blog to something that resembles the Sierra desert. When your will to blog deserts you, the time could be right to work with a third party.

The Need for Fresh Content On Your Company Blog is Real

Fresh content is a fundamental cornerstone and requirement for all digital marketing efforts. Well-written blogs posts serve as entry points for customers and prospects. They’re the proverbial “first touch” that helps people form an opinion about your brand. Perhaps more importantly, content pieces offer precise information. Blog posts can get crafted to do everything from establishing authority in your business niche to giving visitors more information on your products and services.

Never Forget About SEO Keywords

If your website ranks well for specific keywords, blog content pieces are an ideal way to extend your reach. Your SEO company probably has a list of topics that would help bolster your site’s search engine rankings. If not, or your company handles search engine marketing internally, a trip to the Keyword Planner can help with content inspiration and ideas.

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Keywords are just the start when crafting a blog piece. They’re crucial seeds that grow into a full-blown composition of highly-targeted search engine ranking phrases with a bit of skill.

Focus on Quality for Optimal Results

Excellent blogging requires several qualities. Four crucial elements deserve your attention.

  • Voice – Blogs should use a distinct corporate “voice” that resonates with the brand and messaging in place.
  • Frequency – Depending on the industry, the rate of blogs posts will vary across a spectrum from a blog post per month to many more each week.
  • Keywords and Topics – A foundation of persuasive topics and attainable keywords will keep blog content flowing regularly.
  • Technical Requirements – Great posts need a solid grounding in technical requirements like word count, style, and other brand-related needs. Blogging requires keen attention to details.

Blogging is the past, Present, and Future

Blogs will remain an integral part of a digital strategy because they’re measurable and useful. They add a bit of depth to social media marketing, as well. Sure, people love short videos and images, but there are plenty of individuals who may enjoy a read. Combining all media types into one content piece adds value across the marketing channel. What matters most is that visitors and prospects get what they want when they visit your posts.

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Tell Your Story and Build Your Brand With Regular Blog Updates

Articulate Your Brand Vision

Most businesses don’t want to use their social networks to share other company’s content. Or if they do, it’s only for a minimal number of updates. For this reason alone, content creation remains a part of a well-rounded marketing campaign.

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New content pieces on your company blog allow you to utilize your social platforms more productively. Blogs are no longer just “informational” in nature. They’re ideal instruments to persuade as well.

Decide on the types of posts you want. What content appeals most to your audience? Do they want to learn more about the people who work for your company? Do you sell products that are unique and require a demonstration?

Assess your activity levels to decide what schedule your blog will follow while defining the type of content you need.

Blogging evolves naturally from what a company does, almost as if it’s an extension of day to day operations. If your company is active in an exciting field, there will never be a shortage of opportunities for new content.

There’s a solid case for employing third parties to handle blogging. Like all specialists, they have the tools, training, and experience to produce professional-grade content consistently. There’s no need to overwhelm an employee with these tasks since there are many qualified firms to assist. Content specialists can help develop an entire content marketing program if desired.

Forgotten Blogs Litter the Digital Landscape

Sadly, every abandoned company blog represents an unrealized vision. Don’t be responsible for hosting “Just another Abandoned WordPress blog.” The only smart move is to pick up where you left off. The sooner you do, the faster you get back on track.

Restarting a blog is refreshing because there are many new things to write about for the relaunch. Your company probably has new projects or products to discuss. Perhaps there’s crucial information that needs to get out to your audience. If not, a new blog post can help bolster organic visitors, SEO, or social media marketing efforts.

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Make a Commitment and Stick to it

All you need is a desire and a plan to renew your commitment to blogging for your business. Once you decide, a path should become clear. If you want to write the blogs yourself, you can begin immediately. Fire up the old WordPress, blow the dust off the keyboards, and set your fingers to work crafting the perfect post. Or, you can leave the writing to someone else entirely.

Either way, a solid decision to improve digital communication is underway. It’s worth reviewing all of your previous efforts to discover how content pieces can help freshen up aspects of your digital presence. For companies who have maintained websites for many years, this job is crucial. Cleaning up and reconfiguring older content, in addition to adding fresh pieces, often delivers results in the form of new visitors and conversions.

If you don’t have a company blog, consider this paraphrase of a famous maxim. “The best time to blog was ten years ago. The second best time is today.” On other words, it’s never too late to start enjoying the benefits of maintaining a company blog.

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