Empower Your Business During The COVID-19 Crisis

Without a clearly defined end in sight to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s become more critical than ever before for companies to make adjustments to their business model to navigate the demands of a changing operating environment. Making improvements during this uncertain time helps to empower your business.

It shouldn’t be surprising that internet use surged during COVID- 19 lockdowns and restrictions. Any strategic moves you can make to strengthen your position help your company grow are solid ones.

Whether you’re already open or starting a new business venture, here are some approaches to help your business thrive during challenging times.

A New Website Boosts Your Digital Image To Empower Your Business

Long gone are the days of people relying on phone books to find addresses and other contact information. 

If you already manage a business website, but it’s been a while since you made any significant updates, now is the perfect time to re-assess your current site and your website copy to stay competitive online. Should you find it no longer suits your needs, a new website could be in order!

For those getting a fresh start on a new business venture, a new website plays a vital role in your launch efforts. Your site serves as a central hub for all business activities and protects your brand and web presence.

Functionality That Adds Profitability

Creating a new site offers the opportunity to add functionality that makes your site profitable. Here are some of the best features to make your brand new site a profit center:

Contact Page – For obvious reasons, you want to have a contact page available for site visitors with a list of how they can connect with you. This list might include your phone number, a text or SMS number, physical address, links to your social platforms, and your Email address. 

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Live Chat – Offering Live Chat on your website helps you offer a more comprehensive user experience. It provides a convenient way to chat with visitors who have quick questions or need help with something. If integrated with a customer relationship manager (CRM) software, you can easily stay in touch with your leads from live chat. If you need help handling incoming conversations, deploying chatbots helps provide coverage and can get programmed to answer common questions.

Online Scheduling – Depending on your business’s nature, online scheduling capabilities can help you manage workflow more efficiently. Examples of companies that reap multiple online scheduling benefits include salons, yoga and exercise studios, consultants, and more. Having this feature at your website allows visitors to seamlessly schedule appointments or reserve a seat in classes using minimal human resources. 

ECommerce Capabilities – Offering an E-Commerce solution at your site is one of the most direct ways to monetize your website. Whether you’re selling intangible products, such as downloadable files, gift certificates, or physical products, a functional E-Commerce solution empowers you to sell online.

Professional Website Development Makes Adding Functionality Easy

Much the same way you need the right tools to complete any project, not having the time, skills, or expertise to put all the pieces in place can result in delays or a botched assignment. When you work with a professional website development company, they have everything needed to get the ball rolling while meeting critical deadlines. 

If you’re interested in revamping your existing website, or you need help in launching a new site with the features you need to boost revenues and engagement at your business, the team at Performance Marketing Group is here to help. 

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