Retail Loyalty Programs Multiply Sales on Autopilot

Retail Loyalty Programs Reap Big Rewards

How to Run a Customer Rewards System for Long-Term Success

Loyalty Programs Simplify Your Marketing Efforts

The idea of inspiring loyalty in customers is nothing new. According to, the origin of such programs goes back to the eighteenth century!

By today’s standards, the technology was a bit suspect. Customers would receive unique copper tokens when they made purchases. The excellent news for them was that they would be able to redeem those later for discounts.

With That, A Brilliant Marketing Idea Was Born

Increase Walkin Traffic You can imagine that there was a loud celebration around the campfire when they first heard about this from the pioneer marketers. Ever since then, these programs continue to evolve and thrill customers.

So, what are the drawbacks of customer loyalty programs? That’s a fantastic question, and I have the answer.

Are you ready? Here we go.

There are two primary areas where the program could pose a problem.

First, there’s some idea that it may train already-loyal clients to wait for discounts and to expect better prices. There may be some bit of validity to this, but it’s hardly worth staying up late at night over. While it might seem counter, small discounts and incentives actually help increase the frequency and average ticket price on their purchases.

There’s No Reason Not to Be Nice to Your Customers!

Face facts; your customers already expect you to earn their business. Who doesn’t appreciate getting breaks and bonuses from time to time? That’s not to explicitly say that a loyalty program bribes them, but it sure doesn’t hurt!

The second drawback is some retail loyalty programs are some systems require time and effort to manage the campaign. In the past, it took hours to manage all the multiple facets of the campaign including the email list, SMS broadcasts, and other elements of the loyalty program.

Now, however, that drudgery is a thing of the past. Automation makes managing your retail customer loyalty program ridiculously simple. Gone are the days when getting people to sign up for a customer loyalty was a time-consuming hassle.

Wifi Marketing Rides to the Rescue

With Wifi marketing, businesses provide free internet access for in-store customers. Even better, the customers are prompted to register for special discounts when they log in. After connecting with Facebook or an email account, the system automatically populates a rich profile. The system prompts the customer, asking if they want a free birthday gift. If they do (who doesn’t?) they are asked to enter their birthday.

Now the significant part is the system automatically keeps track of all of it. Your customer service representative doesn’t have to touch the customer’s phone or awkwardly ask for or input personal information. The whole thing happens seamlessly, transparently, and instantly. When the customer’s birthday approaches, the Loyalty program sends the customer notification of their free gift and returns to your establishment. When they do, your Wifi networking hub notates the visit and correctly calculates the ROI.

As you can imagine, that’s a far cry from the copper coin days. Why waste any more time with manual intervention? Automation immediately streamlines the sign-up and follow up for your retail customers. Better yet, it makes your marketing efforts more effective.

Advantages Of A Implementing A WiFi Customer Rewards System

  • Easy enrollment.
  • Increased engagement and personalization.
  • Track all activities seamlessly.
  • Automation does all the heavy lifting.

Not only that, Wifi marketing is scalable. It’s suitable for one-person operations or large-scale businesses.

If you’re ready to maximize the ROI on your marketing budget, don’t overlook how WiFi Marketing can help you stand out from your competitors. For more information on this cutting-edge marketing technology, click here to learn more.

If you’re convinced, speak with a representative today. There’s no reason to leave extra money on the table!

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