Printed Marketing Material

Printed Marketing Materials Are Fantastic For Branding

When it’s time to put your marketing efforts into overdrive, you can’t go wrong with Printed Marketing Materials! These days, business owners and entrepreneurs aren’t limited to using plain business cards. Now you can use world-class design services to produce visually stunning materials. Instead of blending in with the crowd, your brand stands out, and new business is easy.

Printed Marketing Materials
Printed Marketing Materials help your business grow!

Modern design services, such as the ones offered by Performance Marketing Group, provides you with high-resolution, Print-Ready Creatives. Our clients can upload their creatives to their favorite online or offline Printing Company for reproduction.

We understand that your branding message needs to grab attention and hold it. Busy people have short attention spans. You need to stand out from the crowd to capture their interest. Working with the best designer and printing company assures printed marketing material looks outstanding!

Printed Marketing Materials Build Your Brand

No two businesses are completely alike. For this reason, it’s important to decide what kind of Printed Marketing Materials you need to meet your business objectives. If you are attending industry or networking events, business cards, A4 Flyers, Trifold Brochures, and Certificates are all excellent ways to introduce your personal or professional brand to others.

While there’s no doubt that the Internet has disrupted the way many people do business, well-crafted printed marketing materials are here to stay.

The reason? It’s because they’re efficient . They have ‘shelf life’ and can get used in a variety of ways.

How to Use Printed Materials to Your Advantage

Business cards are one of the most tried and true printed marketing materials companies can use. Why? It’s because they contain all of your pertinent contact information. A comprehensive business card design should include more than just your logo. Be sure to offer phone numbers, Email addresses, website addresses, and perhaps even your Social Media profiles.

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Many successful business people enjoy ‘adding value’ to their overall customer experience. Since they have strong relationships with other company owners, there’s a chance to offer coupons and promotions that benefit both companies. Certificates and coupons work as marvelous referral tools between synergistic businesses or individuals.

Tri-Fold Pamphlets give you space when you have to provide potential customers with more information about your products and services. In this Print Format, you get six narrow columns to convey your message effectively. As you can imagine, Tri-Folds allow you to maximize the space on two sides of the paper that’s then neatly folded for a beautiful presentation. Alternatively, you can reduce this to one page and make three copies of your offer, and then cut the Printed Material with an X-Acto paper cutter.

Use Printed Material That Meets Your Business Needs

Other recommended Printed Marketing Materials include Menus for businesses that serve food or drink. It’s much easier for people to order food when they know what you have to offer!

Real Estate professionals and Realtors have many options available to them. Real Estate Flyers work well for both offline and online marketing efforts. They are visual and help them highlight the properties they currently have available.

Postcards are another brilliant way for Real Estate Professionals to contact their target audience directly in their mailboxes. These days, the US Postal Services makes it easier than ever before to mail with services like Every Door Direct Mail. You don’t even have to buy a mailing list!

The Best Printed Materials Inspire and Inform

The best Printed Marketing Materials are direct and to the point. It’s important to keep your printed marketing materials on-topic and targeted.

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Use your copy space wisely. People want to know how your offer will directly benefit them. Be sure to use appealing or related images when possible.

A picture is worth a thousand of words on printed materials. Long text becomes tiring to read, and people could struggle to understand the material thoroughly.

Getting The Creatives You Need to Succeed

Even if you don’t consider yourself to be a creative genius, you don’t have to sacrifice on having gorgeous custom printed marketing materials.

If you have ideas for what you’d like to have done, share your thoughts with your designer. By doing so, you’re supplying them with the right information to base their work. If you don’t have any feedback or preferences, your creative team should have no problem working this way, either.

Once the creative team has designed your advertising assets, be sure to ask for a copy of your project in a high-resolution format such as .jpg, .gif and PDF.

All of these formats are compatible for use online and printing.

The Basics of Printing

While it might seem like a good idea to print your materials from your home or office printer, there is a chance that the print quality could suffer after several runs.

Most home and small office printers aren’t designed to do commercial print runs, so although convenient, print quality can suffer when ink runs low.

It’s always easier to work with a commercial printer with access to multiple types of paper stock and a commercial grade printer to handle large print runs.

Get Started Today!

If you need to add printed marketing material to promote your business, Performance Marketing is here to help with everything you need. Contact us or start a LiveChat to speak with a customer representative today!

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