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How To Plan A Professional Zoom Conference Call

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Are you planning a Zoom conference? It can feel overwhelming to think about all the details you need to address. You want your Zoom conference to look and sound professional, so you don’t have any hiccups during the meeting. 

Zoom Meetings

Follow these tips for planning a successful Zoom conference!

Make Sure You Have Good Lighting

There are a few essential things to consider when setting up your Zoom conference. For best results, use natural light that whenever possible. Ideally, it should illuminate your face from the front. Always avoid bright sunshine that can cast shadows on your face or cause you to squint your eyes. Avoid backlighting, as well.

If you can’t use natural light, make sure to set up lights in the room that are flattering and not too bright. Ring lights can help to illuminate the area favorably. Some products offer both warm and cool lighting tones to help accentuate your best facial features.

When attending or hosting a Zoom meeting on your desktop computer, make sure not to rely on your monitor for lighting! When doing things like screen sharing, if the light level of your monitor goes dark, so do you!

Inspect The Area Behind You

Next, check the space where you’re attending the Zoom conference space for clutter or messes that are distracting or don’t add a professional edge to your image. 

Ideally, your background should be a solid color. If you can’t find a solid background, use green screen technology to place yourself in any setting you want to be, whether it’s at a tropical beach, a modern office setting, or a cozy home-like environment. 

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Arrive Early

Punctuality is always professional, regardless of whether you’re the host or an attendee. By logging in a few minutes before the meeting is to begin, you’ll have plenty of time to set up lighting and to check peripherals, including your web camera, and adjust your filters or green screen background. 

Last but not least, make sure your audio controls are working as you expect. It’s essential to have control over noise levels in Zoom meetings so everyone can hear what’s going on during the session. 

Practice Makes Perfect!

Another vital part of hosting a professional Zoom meeting is knowing what you’re going to say ahead of time. You might consider creating a script or an outline of the points you want to cover and make notes of any examples you wish to use.

It can be scary to be on camera if you’re not used to it, so practicing what you’re going to say beforehand can help you feel more confident and prepared.

You may also want to get a colleague or friend on Zoom with you before the meeting starts. This way, they’ll be able to see your screen while they’re listening in so that if something is unclear, you can clarify it before others arrive on the call. 

After all, practice makes perfect!

Make Your Point (Or Pitch) With Confidence!

Know the purpose of your Zoom meeting ahead of time. What are you hoping to accomplish? Who is this for, and what’s their goal in attending? Knowing the answers to these questions can determine how long your Zoom should be, which areas need more focus, and whether or not a presentation would work better than just giving an informal chat. 

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We hope that you find these Zoom meeting tips helpful and that by utilizing them, your next upcoming meeting goes as well, or better than you expect!