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Landing Pages – Expectation Vs. Reality

You may be tempted to rush into advertising your website online.

Let me caution you; if you don’t have all the pieces in place, your expectations could get crushed by reality. Everyone expects that their landing page will earn back its keep. However, the reality is that if you bolt in without a plan and a solid foundation, your efforts will come up short.

Tips For Landing Pages

Your landing page is where the action happens! The devil is in the details to ensure you get the best results possible.

Is your landing page secure and mobile-friendly? Does it have carefully crafted supporting content?

Don’t waste your time, energy, or ad budget if not. The leading search engines now proactively warn visitors that they’re about to visit a scary website that can’t be trusted. That’s bad for your business reputation and gives people a good reason to leave your site immediately.

Social media and websites can quickly use your ad money, no matter which webpage you’re promoting. It’s up to you to create an intelligent landing page that turns visitors into customers and sales.

Your visitors and search engines expect a safe website. Show you care about their privacy by providing a secure browsing experience. If something is wrong, you’ll get fewer customers and spend more on ads. Good marketing is about being very focused. If your ad and webpage don’t match well, you’ll likely pay more for the ads. Remember, no ad service promises success, so it’s your job to set up your campaign.

Landing Pages – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is a secure landing page required?

A: A secure landing page assures visitors that their information is safe. A green padlock symbol indicates that the site uses HTTPS, a secure protocol that can improve trust and conversion rates.

Q: What role does speed play in landing page effectiveness?

A: Slow-loading pages can frustrate users, causing them to leave before taking any action. A fast page offers a better user experience and can lead to higher conversions.

Q: How does mobile-friendliness impact my landing page?

A: More people are accessing the web through mobile devices than desktops. A mobile-friendly page ensures you don’t miss out on this significant chunk of traffic.

Q: What is ‘focused navigation’ on a landing page?

A: Focused navigation directs visitors towards a specific action, such as signing up for a newsletter or purchasing, without distractions like excessive links or information.

Q: What are ‘Calls To Action,’ and why are they vital?

A: Calls To Action (CTAs) are prompts that guide visitors on what to do next, like “Buy Now” or “Learn More.” Effective CTAs can significantly improve your conversion rates.

Q: Why is a generic landing page a bad idea?

A: Generic pages often lack focus and can confuse visitors, making them less likely to convert. A tailored landing page aligns closely with your advertising goals.

Q: How does user experience impact my brand?

A: A good user experience enhances your brand reputation, while a bad one can detract from it. User expectations for web pages are high, so meeting those expectations is essential.

Landing Pages Help You Connect

Landing Page Best Practices

Landing pages that lack conversion optimization are expensive to promote. Generic or unfocused web pages without professional copywriting are not ideal landing pages. They often lack focus or confuse the visitor, especially if they don’t find what the ad promoted quickly.

Address The Pain Points

Security – Does your website have a “Green Padlock” to protect visitors while they browse your site? If not, consider fixing this issue before launching a costly advertising campaign. (To learn more about security protocols online, please visit Google Support.)

Speed – In today’s fast-paced world, people don’t have the patience to sit around and wait for a website to pull up. A fast-loading landing page improves the overall user experience and reduces bounce rates. Further, access to AMP pages helps to resolve common issues with site speed.

Direct Visitors Where They Need To Go

Focused Navigation – The more direction you offer your visitors, the better – especially when working with conversion goals in mind. (IE: Sign up for a newsletter or complete a sales transaction.) If your page has ten other navigation options available, the chances are high your visitor will meander around your site for a while and leave.

While this approach might be great for brand awareness or generic traffic generation, it isn’t a perfect fit for meeting conversion goals.

Design Elements

Responsive Design – In 2011, mobile internet traffic was relatively insignificant. Fast forward to the present day. The use of mobile devices to access the internet now surpasses desktop traffic. As you can imagine, this change in user habits has changed the playing field for all website owners and operators. You lose this valuable traffic if your site doesn’t look great on mobile.

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Calls To Action – If you’ve ever visited a favorite tourist spot, such as Orlando, Florida, you probably noticed there are signs posted everywhere. These signs help “out-of-towners” find what they’re looking for – whether it’s an attraction or an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet. The same rules apply when building an effective landing page. “Calls To Action” are the equivalent of roadside signs. By telling people where to click or what to do, you increase the chances they take the desired action.

User Experience Is Everything!

Today’s web users are savvy and want a great experience. Any mistakes or problems can hurt your brand’s image.

Messing up once with a possible customer is bad enough, but it’s even worse if it happens every time! Please don’t ignore your visitors or their happiness. They want quick, sound, and helpful information and solutions.

If your website is old, it’s an excellent time to improve it. Using new technology, targeted landing pages, and ads can help your online business succeed!

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Updated 10/18/2023