Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4 Is Coming – Is Your Business Ready?

As a business owner, staying ahead of technology trends is key to success. And for many, that can pose a myriad of challenges. And staying on top of changes to Google Analytics is no exception.

What Changes Are Coming to Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a program available to all website owners, free of charge. This program allows website owners to gain insights about their website, such as the number of visitors and what pages they view.

After many years, Google recently announced a significant update to its analytics program. Google Analytics 4 offers new ways of tracking data and insights into user behavior.

In addition, advanced reporting sets allow website owners to gain a more comprehensive view of their website performance, with further customization options available.

Unleash The Power of GA 4
Unleash The Power of GA 4

Do You Need A Google Analytics 4 Upgrade?

Following the announcement of the new update, many website owners may wonder if they need to make any changes or upgrades to remain competitive. The answer is yes. That is unless you’re okay with missing out on the new features and data that Google Analytics 4 promises.

Website owners who wish to reap the benefits of the new features in Google Analytics 4 must ensure they’ve integrated the correct tracking code into their website.

Once installed correctly, the website owner can view new data, such as user journey analytics and cross-device tracking. This data can help website owners gain more user insights, improve the content, and make more informed design decisions.

Areas, where GA4 can be of help include understanding user behavior and preferences, as well as conversion trends. Other trackable metrics include bounce rate, page views, website speed, and pages per session.

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Ideally, this information can get used to create user journeys and adjust landing pages to maximize and track conversion rates.

Universal Analytics Vs. Google Analytics 4

The original version of the analytics program, Universal Analytics, will remain available to website owners until the sunset date of July 1, 2023. However, transitioning to Google Analytics 4 before this date is encouraged so website owners, for one – don’t miss this critical deadline and, secondly – can take advantage of the new features that GA4 has to offer.

Will Not Having Google Analytics 4 Installed Hurt My Business Website?

Like most things in life, the more you know, the better. That goes for your website as well. Google Analytics helps website operators better understand how their site is performing. Not having access to this data can put a website owner at a disadvantage.

By not having Google Analytics 4 installed and running, you could miss out on valuable user insights and information that could help the online division of your business achieve tremendous success.

Need To Make Changes But Unsure How To Do So?

At Performance Marketing Group, we understand that many business owners don’t have extra time to learn the technical side of things. That’s why we assist website owners in ensuring their business website has everything needed to run optimally – including making changes to harness the power of Google Analytics 4.

We provide comprehensive local SEO, digital marketing services, and G4 integrations, so clients have the tools needed for success. Contact us or call today, and let’s get your website for the changes to Google Analytics – so you can be one step ahead!

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