Loyalty Program

Fresh Marketing Idea – Use A Loyalty Program To Drive More Business

Serving local customers is among the most incredible things about being a business owner. And for business owners who need to connect regularly, implementing a loyalty program is the best decision you can make. It provides a seamless way to reward customers for repeat business, recommending referrals, and sharing current promotions that could drive new and repeat customers to your store. And statistics show that re-engaging with existing customers is a more straightforward way to generate new business.

Make Offers Your Customers Can’t Refuse!

Whether you operate bricks and mortar storefront or a service-based business, loyalty programs offer an easy, efficient way to incentivize customers and encourage them to do business with you. Customizable loyalty programs connect with your clients by email or SMS to remind them of their loyalty status, reward them for referrals, and offer exclusive discounts to loyal customers.

Here are some sample ideas: 

Salons And Spas – Salons and spas can use a reward program to their advantage in multiple ways. Some (rough) ideas include: 

  • Offering a complimentary service upgrade for customers who have visited the salon for services four or more times a month.
  • Discounts on skincare items, haircare products, gift certificates, or cosmetics.
  • A free hair blowout for referring two friends or family members.

Restaurants – Loyalty programs can significantly impact restaurant owners’ bottom line. Here are some ideas:

  • Discounts or complimentary appetizers or desserts when customers spend a certain amount of money. 
  • Reward points for every dollar spent, and let customers redeem those points for free food items over time.
  • Free drinks or meal upgrades when customers come in on their birthday. 
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Service-Based Business – You can use loyalty programs to drive new and repeat business as a service-based business. Here are some ideas: 

  • Referral credits that customers can use when they refer a friend or family member. 
  • Discounts when customers purchase multiple services simultaneously.
  • Complimentary upgrades on services when customers sign up for an annual service plan.  

These are a handful of ideas to get you in a creative mindset. You know your customers best, so coming up with unique rewards that will surprise and delight your customers is worth the effort.

By implementing a loyalty program and offering meaningful incentives, you can quickly and easily tap into higher revenues while building customer trust and loyalty. And it’s never been more essential to keep existing customers engaged in driving new business and increasing profits. 

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