Human and digital touch

For Social Media Marketing the Human Touch Will Always Matter

The human touch. It’s an interesting concept in marketing. Have you ever felt like brands are just talking at you on social media rather than with you? You’re not alone. Let’s return to the roots: social media is about being social. It’s not just a business tool; it’s a place where humans connect.

The Human Touch And Small Details Make Big Waves

In the quest for ROI and analytics, marketers sometimes forget the small things that make social media tick—actual interactions between people and brands. Those “likes,” comments, and shares? They’re more than numbers; they’re relationships in the making.

The Heart of the Matter: Real Conversations

Engagement isn’t just a marketing term. It’s about conversations between real people. On one side, you’ve got a brand that wants to make a difference. On the other, a consumer who has needs and questions. The magic happens when both sides understand each other.

Expertise In Messaging: The Social Media Manager’s Role

Branding isn’t just about a snazzy logo or catchy tagline. It’s the impression people walk away with after interacting with you. Your activities on social media platforms help people form their opinions about your brand or company.

Balanced social presence

The Power Of Local SEO

In a world where people search for everything online, a presence in your local community is sensible. It helps you stand out when people in your area seek what you offer. And guess what? Social media plays a part here, too. It boosts your online presence, making it easier for local customers to find you.

The Experience Economy: Making Every Interaction Count

Companies are pouring resources into making each touchpoint on social media smooth and enjoyable. Why? Because a happy customer online is more likely to become an advocate for your brand offline.

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Content is King, But Context is Queen

With the rise in demand for fresh, ongoing content, making updates is crucial to stay competitive. But not all content is created equal. The best material solves real problems for real people, turning prospects into customers.

Growing Your Sales Funnel, With The Human Touch

Growing your sales funnel isn’t just a numbers game. You need people to guide potential customers along their journey. That’s why many brands hire dedicated digital marketing teams or outsource to experts. They handle everything from strategy to day-to-day posts, making your life simpler.

The Waiting Game: A Risky Bet

You need to catch up if you’re active on social media. The sooner you start, the faster you’ll catch up with competitors already embracing this vital channel.

Tailoring To Each Platform: Customization Wins

Every social media platform has its vibe. Your strategy should adapt to each one to account for these differences. Instagram might love visuals, while LinkedIn values professional articles. Know your audience and customize accordingly.

A Final Word: Your Brand, Your Success

Focus on the human touch and genuine online interaction to make the most of your social media marketing. Engage with your audience, provide value, and create meaningful relationships. As we always say, “Connect. Engage. Thrive.”

If we can help with any aspect of your social media marketing plan, reach out to start the conversation!

Updated: 09/16/2023






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