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Digital Marketing Reigns Supreme in 2016

When it comes to your marketing strategy, it is undeniable that digital marketing plays a vital role in effective advertising. Customers and potential clients expect the brands they trust to have a strong online presence. For greater success, businesses have to stay up to date on the latest trends and keep their channels of communication open if they expect their marketing plan to succeed.

Digital marketing levels the playing field, giving businesses of all sizes the chance to get the word out to their target demographics. Gone are the days when businesses had to spend millions of dollars to compete.

Digital marketing gives anyone with a solid product or service offering the ability to reach and engage the potential clients at the sites they frequent.

Because digital advertising is affordable and easy to manage, more companies are moving a significant portion of their ad budget to digital marketing channels. According to, 38% of businesses surveyed revealed they hired digital marketing experts. Of this 38%, nearly half of these positions were filled by an on-demand workforce.

By 2019, U.S. marketers are expected to spend more than $100 billion dollars on digital marketing, including search, display, social media and email marketing. Adweek reports that more one-third of Chief Marketing Officers plans to grow their digital marketing budget by 75% percent by this same year.

Digital Marketing Is Effective
Digital Marketing Is Effective

The Power of Digital Marketing

The most powerful advantage of investing in digital marketing is the channels, and platforms you use to advertise on give you data to analyze the impact of your campaigns. If a campaign is doing well or underperforming, you have the tools to adjust accordingly. No other marketing approach provides advertisers with as much real-time data as an online ad campaign.

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Traditional marketing reports only provide broad numbers such as how many viewers saw your ad and the core demographics of their readership. A digital marketing campaign offers much deeper insights, such as the viewers age, their estimated income, their interests, their location by their Zip code, and even their Internet browsing habits.

Traditional marketing focuses on connecting with a large number of people, even if not all of them are your perfect customer. The idea is that the more eyes see your ad, the greater the chances are they would call or buy from you. Unfortunately, this broad approach to advertising is too expensive and not targeted enough for a lot of businesses.

Digital marketing performs better than that, focusing on engaging the right people; those who are most likely to make a purchase while building a relationship between the business and the customer. Investing in an online marketing campaign allows you to engage and interact with your clients in ways no traditional advertising platform can. Digital marketing turns boring advertising into a conversation.

Businesses Love Winning Marketing Strategies
Businesses Love Winning Marketing Strategies

An Affordable On-Demand Digital Marketing Campaign

Dollar for dollar, an online marketing campaign yields better results than a traditional TV or radio ad campaign. People’s habits have changed. While TV is still a traditional media, streaming services have disrupted how individuals view content. TV advertising isn’t dead; it’s just a less methodical and more expensive way to reach an audience. You don’t need to spend a lot of reach untargeted people who may not be interested in your website or your product when you have the capability to deliver your brand message to the right people online.

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If you have limited skills or knowledge on this subject, working with a professional marketing company to oversee your campaign is a smart idea.

Digital marketing is the most cost-effective way to advertise right now, but without a proper strategy, your ad budget may not be spent wisely.

If you are ready to launch your product, hiring a campaign manager for the particular project or on an ongoing basis helps drive measurable results. When your digital campaign is producing excellent results, making adjustments to push harder by increasing your ad budget or broadening the reach is effortless. If your ad isn’t delivering the results you expected, or your numbers aren’t working, you can stop the ad from displaying anytime you want. The possibilities are endless.

Hiring professionals to manage your digital marketing gives you access to an unlimited pool of talent, including experienced marketers, designers, developers, content creators and video experts and streamlines your processes so you can get your product or service in front of the right people, right away!

Digital Marketing Is Great for Startups Too

Startups can take advantage of a professional digital marketing campaign because it offers a platform they wouldn’t get any other way. The power of modern advertising is that anyone with a valuable product and relevant content can compete. Digital marketing offers a level playing field for new businesses and large corporations. Customers are eager to find the best products, and your eye-catching digital ad campaign can convince them that’s you.

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