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Carpet Cleaning Marketing 101: How To Get More Customers Online

May 12, 2021 6:35 pm | Content Marketing

You’re probably thinking, “What does carpet cleaning have to do with marketing and advertising?” Well, a lot! If you’re steadfastly trying to grow your business as a carpet cleaner, then it’s essential that you know what works when it comes to marketing and advertising. Let’s take a look at some of the best marketing and advertising practices for carpet cleaners.

What Is Social Media Marketing, and Why Do I Need It for My Carpet Cleaning Business?

Social media marketing is the overall strategy of using various social media sites to promote your carpet cleaning business. It can be challenging for any small company to compete with big companies in traditional advertising like radio, TV, and billboards because they have more money to spend on ads. Many of them also have dedicated staff to help or hire third-party marketing agencies to handle everything.

Traditionally, many carpet cleaning services relied heavily on local print marketing and broadcast media to get new customers. However, many people are turning away from those traditional forms of advertising due to changing preferences. Customers want control over their data and information they like or don’t want from advertisers.

This fact means that there’s an opportunity for you as a carpet cleaner! With proper use of social media, you can reach consumers without significant upfront costs- so give it a try now, and you’ll see how easy it is!

Discover Effective Carpet Cleaning Marketing Tips

How to Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn to Market Your Carpet Cleaning Business

You can tweet your latest blog posts, images from jobs you’ve completed, or a snapshot of an exciting article to pique prospect interest. It’s also essential to use hashtags like #carpets and #carpecleaning regularly so that people who are interested in those topics will find the tweets organically. You’ll need about 60-240 characters per post for it to show up well on Twitter, but don’t be afraid if you go over because they have a character counter at the bottom of every tweet!

 Instagram is another place where carpet cleaners should spend time promoting their company. Make sure to take photos during your job or post pictures that capture something unique about how you do business (i.e., close-ups of stains). If you have outgoing employees who love being on video, have them upload theirs to your account as Stories. Regularly doing that helps your followers get to know your team members.

 The Importance of SEO – What It Is and How You Can Use It to Get More Traffic on Your Carpet Cleaning Website

This one is a blog post with tips for marketing and advertising a carpet cleaning company. It’s essential to use SEO keywords like “carpet cleaner” or “organic cleaning products” in your pages so that people can find your cleaning website when searching those terms.

 The best way to get more customers is through local SEO designed to increase Google Maps and Search rankings. Google uses information from your Google My Business profile to help customers find your business through a combination of timely reviews, relevant keywords, and geolocation.

 Why Blogging Is Vital For Any Online Carpet Cleaning Business

 It’s crucial to have a robust online presence with websites and social media platforms! A good way of making sure this happens effectively is through blogging; posting regular content about things happening in the industry (like how new research discovered carpets could be significant contributors to allergies), exciting trends related to carpet care, including DIY projects you might not know you can do at home, surveys on what types of

 How to Create a Carpet Cleaning Blog That Will Help You Grow Your Audience and Increase Sales

 Marketing is vital for any company, but this industry has much competition, so it’s even more essential! There are many ways to market your carpet cleaner (using internet resources like websites and social media platforms) – one of them being blogging. Blogging helps grow an audience by posting regular content related to different aspects of carpet care, including DIY projects that you can do at home or surveys about what types of products people would prefer over others. These topics interest potential customers because they want their carpets clean too! The goal is always to encourage.

 Tips for writing carpet cleaning posts that others will share on social media networks like Facebook or Twitter

  • Use catchy titles that are related to the post’s content.
  • Keep it short and sweet – you don’t want your audience bored by a wall of text!
  • Be honest. You’re not going to get followers if what you say is boring or uninteresting. Show people how much carpet care means to you, making them excited about following along while learning more!

 Keeping your blog updated regularly sets up a flow of information for your best prospects. People searching online using search engines and social media are trying to find vendors to solve everyday problems. A blog post allows every company to educate potential customers about their products and services. It’s an excellent time to win over new people who are on the fence.

 The primary carpet cleaning marketing stack will comprise all of the following elements.

  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Reputation Management
  • Email marketing
  • Advertising

 Your sales staff will need to follow up fast with any leads generated online. If not, they’ll find the customer moved on and chose an alternative vendor instead. The nature of the internet is fast-paced communications and decision-making.

 If you know who your ideal customer is, you have a significant advantage. You may decide to add a small advertising campaign to target those people and deliver them to a high conversion landing page. If you pay for ads at all, you must have the lander and the ad match. Otherwise, your conversion rate will be too low to achieve decent results.

 You may also want to consider using Automated Ad management and Advertising Intelligence to proper your campaigns to greatness. That’s the way massive enterprises handle their advertising. They use Bots to analyze and consistently tweak their ads. If you’re interested in immediately diving into this topic and learning more about how this strategy can help your business, jump on my calendar