Consistent Efforts Help Your Business Accumulate Results

Lower Your Blended Costs for Marketing with a Wide Strategy

Assuming you already have an integrated marketing plan in place, you’ve probably been noticing a decrease in your blended costs.

That’s excellent news and likely to continue. Although it can be expensive ramping up your digital marketing strategy in the first place, as time goes by your funnel bears fruit at a very reasonable price. 

When your marketing mix becomes more diverse, cheaper sources of traffic that are productive will become available. Combined with your more expensive traffic generation techniques, your overall costs will reduce as more visitors hit your website. There’s no way to say for sure exactly when this will happen, but once you reach the tipping point, fantastic things happen.

Older websites tend to get different from many various sources. Over the years, the owners have placed their link all over the internet, participated in traffic generation programs of various sorts, and promoted their cause when possible. Even if none of the sources is a primary one, it all adds up. The day to day work combines to create a steady flow of visitors that are potential prospects.

Organic Traffic Brings down Costs

Fast Track Your Growth with Effective Digital Marketing
Fast Track Your Growth with Effective Digital Marketing

Organic traffic reduces your overall marketing costs. Since you aren’t paying for every visitor from natural, just divide your total visitors by the amount you pay, and you see a decrease. The same holds true for finding more inexpensive ad traffic or cutting the costs of your ads. Optimizing anyone of your campaigns so that you pay less per client is a fast way to increase profits. The primary point is that you continue to grow the amount of qualified traffic each month, while at the same time improving your blended costs.

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What sources send qualified online traffic?

  • The primary, world famous social networks (Twitter, Facebook and more). These are incredible sources of visitors, especially mobile users.
  • Focused community websites. Don’t overlook existing community-based internet sites. They have lots of on-topic visitors who may be interested in your products.
  • Search engines. Take the steps necessary for content discovery. People searching for specific queries are always likely candidates for new business.
  • Random websites where they happen to be surfing. Third tier ads can bring in visitors
  • Banner Ads and other display advertising options. Even “old school” ads can bring visitors.
  • Social ads. The social networks are booming and have lots of inventory for sales.
  • Video channels. The cost per thousand is low, and the audience is huge.

There’s little doubt that actively managing a social media presence gets results. Over time, it becomes easier and easier to distribute content and generate clicks to your relevant pages. With the proper mechanism in place, most organizations convert a percentage of that traffic each day. Perhaps even better, they can always tweak the page to increase conversion rates. If that fun fact sounds like unlimited growth is possible, you’re beginning to understand the joys of investing heavily in marketing.

Consistent Efforts Help Your Business Accumulate Results

Consistent Efforts Help Your Business Accumulate Results
Consistent Efforts Help Your Business Accumulate Results

Digital marketing efforts are cumulative. The more work that goes in, the larger the asset base you have to rely on for marketing. Consider that a corporate web presence experiences incremental growth as the marketing department produces more pages, ads, and status updates. Naturally, a business that’s been doing consistent digital marketing work for five years generates a lot more traffic than one that’s just beginning.

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It’s not enough to just make more material, either. Every single metric must be tracked and monitored. Failure to deep dive into the data is a mistake that’s tough to overcome. Setting and tracking your conversion goals is a quick way to discover what traffic sources are productive. Analyzing your data along the way allows you to make adjustments that lead to lower costs and increased profits. That’s why active management of digital marketing resources is always preferable. 

Define Your Objectives And Outsource When Possible

Staying on top of the many details of managing social profiles, content curation, content creation, and engagement is a full-time job. Most organizations simply don’t have the time to do it right. That’s the primary reason that third-party management is a robust solution. Leverage another firm’s capacity to handle digital marketing so that you stay focused on executing your mission. 

No matter whether you hire others, or do it all yourself, it’s crucial to continue, fleshing out your program as time progresses. Fresh content is much more likely to resonate with people, so pushing out new content is inevitable. Investing each month in creating and distributing new material separates those who succeed from those who lag. Although most small businesses have established some web presence, few make updates to their social networks regularly. That means they miss out on the impact of accumulated efforts. 

Worse, these companies may convince themselves that digital marketing doesn’t work, or at least not for them. That’s a huge mistake that can cost them more business than any other. Outsourcing the work to others ensures there are NO breaks. Consistency pays, so if your organization can’t handle the rigors of daily updates, hire someone else to do it for you. Many organizations are successfully employing this strategy, and you can too.

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Fast Track Your Revenue Growth and Reduce Your Blended Costs for Ads

If your objective is to gain more profits (and what company doesn’t want that?), casting a wide net is best. If you want to sell very specific products, narrowing the focus of your campaigns makes a ton of sense. Once you have an objective in place, it becomes relatively straightforward to ensure you’re getting the results you want.

Start today and don’t stop ever! Establishing your digital marketing campaign is awesome, but maintaining it over the long term is where the investment excels. The giant Internet companies are reinvesting in their platforms, so it’s likely they aren’t going away anytime soon. Your brand needs the exposure, no matter how you look at it. People spend inordinate amounts of time online so customizing your marketing around their interests makes perfect sense.

Reducing your blended marketing costs is a natural result of your continuing efforts. The fact that you are actively managing every aspect of your campaigns means the small details can not elude you. Tracking and monitoring are easier than ever, empowering organizations to take their marketing to the next level.

Done for You solutions are available! You never have to handle all the work yourself. You can easily outsource any aspect or all of your projects to professional project managers who are passionate about digital marketing. Give us a call at 1-877-830-3318 to discuss how we can help.






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