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Why Long Tail Keywords Still Mean a Lot to Small Businesses

Long tail keywords have remained in fashion because they’re effective.

In the distant past, many website owners would optimize for root keywords. When the Internet was new, and few people understand how to do even basic SEO, they were able to rake in lots of traffic.

Over time, the tastes of searchers changed dramatically. They became much more educated about what they were searching for, so they learned how to add words to a query. When this change went into full effect, the amount of traffic to the long tail keywords rose dramatically.

The Quality of the Visitors Increases with More Precise Querying

Identify Happy Customers by Their Big Smiles!
Identify Happy Customers by Their Big Smiles!

What was even more fascinating was the improvement in quality. As the queries gain focus, conversions increase significantly. People are more likely to buy when they precisely know what they’re seeking! Adding to this fantastic condition is the fact that optimizing for long tail keywords is easier than shorter ones!

Naturally, once everyone found about the efficacy of these gems, the competition went up! However, motivated small businesses that conduct the right keyword research can still clean up. Understanding the competitive rankings and how to catapult ahead of them is the trick to success. With the right phrases in mind, coming up with a strategy to gain organic traffic is straightforward enough.

Converting the traffic you get is another step towards having a successful digital division. Modern visitors hate to waste time. They want fast answers and quick action. If you confuse them, they’ll leave and never come back!

  • Make sure crucial information is easy to find quickly.
  • Offer the ability to take precise actions.
  • Don’t obstruct or create any obstacles.
  • Don’t confuse visitors with too many options.
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Happy Visitors Buy More

Focus on providing an engaging user experience that leaves people happy! Help them opt-in quickly to your newsletter or purchase from your shopping cart. Many people don’t need a lot of engagement before they commit. If they’re able to find all the pertinent information without much hassle, they can serve themselves.

Never get in the way of a smooth transaction. Once you stop preventing action, you’ll find more of it takes place. That’s why people are so excited about conversion optimization. They’re discovering how to make more money from visitors you already get! There’s no reason to squander opportunities to turn them into sales.

Modern web technology facilitates sales. Well-designed websites with direct calls to action get results. Whether you upgrade your current design or build a whole new site doesn’t matter. Stay focused on how your visitors will interact every step of the way. Have some people you know try testing your website. You’ll probably learn quite a bit just watching someone try to use your site to its fullest.

Once you’re confident you have your basic sales funnel in place, add conversion tracking. There’s no reason to guess about how many conversions you’re getting. All that matters is you find profitable streams of traffic, especially ones that are consistent. Facebook’s Ad Platform is useful for running quick experiments. Once you know something works, it’s a simple matter to double down. It’s probably a smart idea to test with ads before investing too much in organic search engine optimization. Combine the two platforms to see a sharp rise in your visitors!

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Once you find the “sweet spot” for your products or services, expect massive increases in sales! Facebook has as much traffic as you need, so as long as you increase your budget, you can expect more of the same. Keep in mind; there are many details to managing a successful Facebook Ads campaign or an SEO campaign using long tail keywords. If you don’t want to do the work yourself, turn it over to a third party. Give us a call at 1-877-830-3318 for information on how we can help.






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