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Leverage Your Online Presence For Business Growth In 2020 And Beyond

2020 has brought many difficulties and challenges for small businesses everywhere. That’s putting it mildly, especially for companies that operate in highly-impacted geographic areas or industries hit hardest by COVID-19 related restrictions.

However, not all businesses feel the pain equally. Some are even benefitting from the “new normal.” For companies competing in the marketplace but struggling to gain traction, implementing new strategies helps achieve alignment for growth and success. 

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Explore New Opportunities For Business Growth Online

Understandably, investing in your company when the future is unpredictable isn’t easy for anyone.

But, despite these uncertainties, if your business operations are a going concern, the faster you respond to the situation’s fluidity, the better. Failure to take meaningful action increases the risk of having to close your doors forever, resulting in losing all the sweat equity and capital you’ve already invested in your company.

For these reasons, local business owners who want to strengthen their operations are in a unique position to reimagine their model and connect with potential customers inside and beyond their local area.

If you’re an SME company owner who needs to make changes to your business approach to adjust and thrive to the “new normal,” here are some helpful suggestions to do so.

Focus On Your Core Digital Presence

A strong core digital presence is the foundation for all digital marketing efforts.

A trustworthy website with secure WordPress and WooCommerce E-Commerce capabilities to handle payments and transactions is the best way to make your site profitable. Whether you’re building organic traffic or paying for website visitors, the ability for people to spend at your site is leverage.

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When people are more cautious about interacting with others, it streamlines the transaction by requiring less human interaction to complete the sale. For instance, the customer can pay online for curbside pickup, digital or physical delivery, or shipping. As you might imagine, this helps to reduce risk by limiting the exposure of employees and customers.

Targeted Promotional Campaigns

Launching focused campaigns to promote your business can increase the number of visitors, prospects, and leads you attract to your site.

To make sure you maximize your campaigns, having all the right moving parts in place is essential. The right offer, Email opt-in forms, finely tuned landing pages, secure transaction capabilities, and customer areas help you close more sales and retain valuable visitor information. A/B testing offers a way to evaluate your offer and landing pages to select the best pitch for your targeted demographics.

Once you are confident your website is ready to handle more transactions and business processes, it’s go time!

Here’s what the process looks like in an ideal setting:

  • Your campaign sends website visitors to your offer or landing page.
  • Website visitors convert by signing up for Email or making a purchase from your site.
  • Website tracking provides insights into your results, including the campaigns, keywords, and marketing channels that are most profitable.

By focusing on these core elements of website design and promotions, you can set your path forward, making strides to reformulate your operational blueprint.

Start Small and Test Thoroughly

One of the genuinely beneficial aspects of online marketing is the ability to test small campaigns. Any company working with a limited budget or in the starting phases doesn’t have to dedicate considerable funding or overcommit to campaigns. Consistent monitoring and making adjustments help to maximize ROI.

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Retiring underperforming campaigns and optimizing the best performers will eventually result in creating winners.

By ensuring that your customer has a positive user experience, you’re strengthening your position as a reputable and trusted vendor. People expect top customer service, and when they get it, they’re happy to sing your praises. Your digital reputation matters, so living up to expectations is always a best practice. 

Other finer points include:

  • Providing prompt and courteous service when customers need assistance.
  • All web pages and forms should be simple to use and easy to understand.
  • Follow-up communications should be timely and provide additional information, making the customer journey as engaging as possible.
  • A well-rounded social media presence builds trust.

While websites may not make up for all lost business and revenues, they can serve as a new growth area. Companies with stock and fixed expenses can offset lower walk-in traffic and gains lost due to restrictions or changing consumer habits.

The same concept applies to some service companies where a local presence is not always required. With the proper framework and the right start, digital marketing can serve as a valuable lifeline for revenue growth at a time when it’s needed most.

If you could use a hand with developing your business website to meet the changing needs of your company, our online professionals are here to help! If you want to talk, please book a free, no-obligation consultation today! There’s no risk to you!