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It’s Well Worth It To Score Engagement With Social Contacts

Not all social contacts are equal. The fast-paced world of social media means there are many light connections with people who may or may not be ideal candidates for your business.

Light contacts are a normal, necessary part of doing business online. The question becomes, then, how to best harden up the light contacts until they turn into something more meaningful. A business relationship would be nice, right?

Get Where You're Going
Get Where You’re Going

Social media engagement management is rising as an integral digital marketing core discipline because it offers great value. Being able to analyze the level of engagement with customers quickly provides helpful clues to the people in your online social circles. Automated tools help the process, but it makes perfect sense to have a senior analyst review the data to ensure it aligns with your branding and sharing philosophy.

Content marketing strategies are evolving rapidly as the tastes of online users morphs with technology upgrades. Layouts, sizes, and types of content always change with the times, although your message should remain consistent. A proper digital marketing strategy snaps in and adjusts to your changing needs.

The benefits of a well-run digital marketing campaign include:

  • Cost effective lead generation.
  • Improved online branding.
  • Business reputation is lifted.
  • Communication with customers is made more efficient.

All companies who are interested in increasing revenues and profitability must consider expanding their digital marketing efforts. Offline methods of promotion, although important, do not have the overall audience size potential that doing business online offers.

What Makes a Digital Marketing Campaign Effective?

An effective social campaign is one that meets business objectives while improving customer communications. Ongoing campaigns allow companies to sift through light social contacts to find out which ones are furthest along in the buying cycle. At that stage, effective targeted messages move the prospect towards closing.

Scoring is a smart way to make any digital marketing campaign more efficient. Social media marketing has evolved to the point where direct tracking of sentiment is no longer the challenge it once was. It’s expensive to acquire new business, so implementing tactics to squeeze every drop out of your social campaigns is a great starting point to increased effectiveness.

Consistency is also worth mentioning. Over time, consistent messages have a substantial impact on prospects. A steady stream of content marketing is the glue that holds your campaign together. Warm up your prospects every step of the way and you’ll see better results from your inbound marketing team.

Once people are inside of your sales funnel, tweaks to your campaign are likely. Increasing conversions and communication both happen when your marketing avatar is highly tuned. Knowing who your ideal prospect is and how to market to her occurs when your campaigns hit the sweet spot. Businesses who have struggled with their marketing efforts in the past are usually amazed at how “easy” it all looks when things are finally firing on all cylinders.

There’s no reason that your digital marketing and social media marketing campaigns should not produce stellar results, virtually automatically. Hiring a digital marketing strategist who understands the importance of scoring engagements is a strong move for you to make.






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