Is It Time For A Content Reboot?

Digital content is not that different from donuts.

It tastes great at first but can become stale fast if you’re not careful.

If it’s been a few years since you took a look at your website, you probably can benefit from a refresh.

In the past ten years web surfers have grown incredibly savvy. They won’t sit around and wait for a slow loading page and they never settle for picked over, incoherent, or antiquated content.

In fact, people take one look at any of those and they leave, quick. 

It’s nearly impossible for a web page to remain “evergreen.” Unless the subject is a dry, historical event, there’s bound to be additional information that is worth including. A healthy part of any content editorial schedule is updating existing pages. Without a plan in place, it’s likely to become a forgotten chore that crops up later to cause pain.

It Pays to Be Ruthless

Donuts Are Evergreen Content
Fresh content is almost as good as donuts and coffee

Don’t be afraid to ruthless edit and trash content when necessary. If it’s not living up to current standards, chances are high it’s hurting and not helping. If you’re feeling nostalgic, you can simply edit a piece you can’t live without. Otherwise, prune junk articles and videos and move on.

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