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Fresh Content Keeps Your Website in the Game

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There are a lot of musty old websites out there! If you aren’t careful, you may find your favorite domain is a repository of antiquated information.

These days, people can’t stand visiting out of date pages. They would rather face teeth extraction than land on a painfully out of date page.

That’s why it pays to freshen up your website content. What are some of the subjects you can discuss?

Let the World Know What You’ve Been Up To

  • Company news and updates.
  • You can report on industry news that affects your business.
  • Personal updates that are interesting and engaging.
  • Information about events and get-togethers.
  • Training, general knowledge-building tutorials, and “how to’s” make excellent content pieces.

Two Business Colleagues Enjoy a Coffee During A Meeting

If you know your site’s demographics, you may tailor content that appeals to your most engaged groups of visitors. The more you learn about their preferences, the easier it will be to compile compelling content. The main drawback and advantage of free content are that is it’s so accessible. That means there’s plenty of competition, but also strong demand to keep the efforts returning profits.

Fresh content shows people that your brand is still in the game. Without a steady supply of information about your people and company, customers and prospects forget. That’s why large multinational companies keep a steady stream of engaging content in the pipeline at all times. They’re not willing to take a chance that their main targeted prospects become bored and wander off to a competitor.

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Decide on a Content Creation Strategy

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Don’t want to produce all that content yourself? There’s no reason to go it alone when there are many who can help. Hire a third party to craft compelling content.

Don’t Let Being Boring Stand in the Way of Telling a Compelling Story

Many businesses struggle with content marketing. They figure they’re a “boring” company in a tedious industry. These firms reason that no one wants to hear about them. Although there may be specific challenges in making mundane topics seem appealing, it happens all the time! If you only allow for truly earth-shattering incidents to happen, it will be a long time between social media updates.

Customers are most interested in stories about people. That’s the one reason that it’s never too complicated to come up with fresh content ideas. If you have an exciting product or service, video marketing is a top choice as a venue.

Does Your B2B Marketing Plan Require an Educational Component?

If your product or services requires educating people, take the time to offer them enough information to make a rational decision. Demonstration videos may be appropriate. You may even consider live webinars to help fill in the blanks of your prospect’s education about your company.

The internet is consuming more images, videos, and text than ever. There’s no harm in crafting relevant content. It will always find a market. It also makes no difference how small that targeted audience is if you have an optimized sales funnel in place.

High-tech companies and startups with disruptive business ideas create customers and market share through education. Non-tech enterprises can use the same principles by emphasizing education about how customers can best use “their” products and services. A majority of businesses do not offer cutting edge or unique product offerings. They can still differentiate from their competitors by providing stellar service and improving their customer’s experiences every step of the way.

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Fresh Content Is Not Just for Marketing Companies

Almost all B2B businesses are in on the act, especially ones with high CLVs. Face it, with a high enough CLV; enterprises can afford to continue a relentless stream of content across a broad spectrum of digital channels. With enough experience, they learn how to optimize every aspect of their campaigns so that they continue to exude substance.

Consider some of the options available for any business that wants to expand their content marketing efforts.

Copywriting Agency

A copywriting agency can execute your content marketing and B2B marketing plans. They will likely charge more than more generalized competitors, but their emphasis will be on driving sales. Depending on the type of industry you serve and whether you take payments at your website will help you decide on whether one of these agencies is a fit.

Content Writing Services

Don’t settle for less-than-stellar writing services. Your content needs to be of the highest quality to stand out in today’s competitive digital landscape. No one will willingly suffer by forcing themselves to read any dreadfully-worded or inarticulate text. They will disdain low-quality images and videos and leave with a wrong impression! Don’t do it.

Copywriting For Startups

Startups are ideal candidates for content marketing because they’re creating and telling a brand new story. People love to learn about innovating ideas and products, so finding followers is not a problem.

Digital Copywriting Agency

If you’re looking for a sales-optimized copy, you may consider hiring a digital copywriting agency to assist. The digital medium requires constant monitoring. Those who specialize in delivering optimized content understand the need to stay on top of advancements.

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Your company has many options when it comes to creating content. You can start very small and build over time. What matters most is creating the kind of click paths that result in sales. No company can sustain digital marketing efforts without achieving a decent return.

One of the most annoying – but ultimately true – pieces of advice about digital marketing and content production is to be patient. No one wants to hear that the effort takes a long time, but it will. There are so many viable websites that it takes quite a bit of sustained effort to be seen.

There’s no time like the present to dust off your content ambitions. The strategy is still very effective, especially for industrial and B2B companies. With a high CLV, the effort and costs of creating content to appease visitors and prospects are worth the effort.







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