Creating High-Quality Content Is Never Going to Be Enough!

It’s hard not to love content marketing. It’s an impressive discipline that’s making tons of sales for business worldwide.

That said, there are too many people who think that “high-quality content” in and of itself is enough to drive revenues through the roof!

Fantastic and engaging web content of any sort is a remarkable asset, but there’s a whole lot more that has to be done to make its’ creation worthwhile.

Without lots of connections in place, there’s little chance your content will find an audience in a sea of freshly created images, blogs, and videos. Your organization has to recruit and develop an audience long before you attempt to build sales through content marketing.

High-Quality Content Is Expected
High-Quality Content Is Expected

Many businesses miss this crucial first step of putting a content distribution network into place. That’s why they end up dealing with frustration when their content refuses to lift off. Without a cohesive strategy and framework in place, your best efforts won’t even see the light of day.

High-Quality Content Meets a Minimum Standard

No one can dispute that content has to be top notch for multiple reasons. The most crucial one is that your content needs to drive conversions. Sloppy, poorly edited or visually unappealing material will never do that. Web surfers have come to expect a certain standard. Badly missing the mark will only hurt your reputation.

Since content marketers are well aware of the need for inspiring work, none of them can expect to rise to the top solely on that basis anymore. If all of your competitors already create remarkable articles, images, and videos, your organization doing the same will not set you apart. At this stage, you have to go much further and build an audience. In many ways, this part of the equation is, even more, time-consuming and challenging than just putting together the media assets in the first place.

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The workflow for content marketing looks something like this:

  • Creation of media assets.
  • Distribution of shareable content to social platforms.
  • Monitor and analyzing results.

What’s missing from this is a continuing campaign to connect with and attract a larger audience at all times. Without placing emphasis on fresh people, your funnel will soon run dry! This stage of content marketing is a regular breakdown point because doing it requires a ton of effort. There’s no easy way to build content distribution channels. You’ll have to make meaningful connections with people, and that takes time.

  • Facebook Fan Page
  • Twitter Status Update
  • Pinterest Pins
  • LinkedIn Status and FanPage Update
  • Blogger/Wordpress/Stumbleupon/Tumblr/Instagram Updates

As a rule of thumb, the wider you cast your net, the more likely you are to catch the tasty fishies you need to keep your business swimming along! Content hubs allow you to reach more people, but managing them requires more complexity and time.

Quality and Quantity Are Both Crucial

The Content Marketing Paradox
The Content Marketing Paradox

If any of your accounts have very few followers, there’s little chance your content will attract shares, views, or subscribers. That’s why it’s not entirely useful to just make content when you’re starting out. If you aren’t building the rest of your platform, there’s little point in it. Anytime a link in the network is broken, the workflow stops. Stoppages happen most often when organizations forget to assign enough people to the job. Larger companies cover the whole spectrum of tasks, but smaller businesses tend to miss out.

Without producing copious amounts of updates, the chances you’ll be able to keep up with more established brands is unlikely. It’s easy to underestimate how much work goes into creating truly successful content marketing campaigns. Don’t do it, though, because you will be setting yourself up for a hard landing. Those who don’t understand the onerous requirements to make it online start off fast but fizzle out just as quickly.

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A significant quantity of posts matters because there are so many competitive content pieces out there it’s hard to gain traction. More posts allow your organization to be visible amid the constant stream of updates that your customers and prospects are already going. If you attempt to share only once in awhile, you’ll see you’re mostly invisible to your followers. Social networks have so many status updates to show, the tend only to display to them to those people who they think are most in tune with your organization. The Very little activity gives them almost nothing to go on, and they just don’t show your stuff very much.

Prepare yourself (and your remote team) for the rigors of dealing with the daily content marketing grind. If they aren’t willing to hustle, forget about getting the kinds of results you need and want. Doing this right is a tough job and takes a lot of work.

SMB Digital Marketing Requires a Budget

All of this digital marketing you plan on doing for your small business requires a budget. You will need to dedicate people to the project, or you can go with a White Label Content Marketing solution. There are many benefits to having a third party handle the load. Not only do they know more about the tasks, but they also have the tools, training, and tactics in place to get the most out of the efforts. That’s why they can charge you less than what paying an employee to do the work costs.

Social Media White Label Solutions work so well because team members are assigned each task and given the right tools to perform their duties. Those who are new to social media marketing have a tough time getting their minds around many of the concepts, which is further complicated by how everything interrelates. Each piece of the puzzle has to be perfect, or the conversions never arrive.

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It’s never enough to put out content unless there’s a clear plan to convert the visitors into customers. Otherwise, there’s no chance the marketing campaign will be profitable. Set your budget and a deadline to profit before you embark on a content marketing journey. Most businesses start to see excellent results three to six months after beginning in earnest. You have to be patient and you have to ensure you have enough money to keep the campaign going, or your efforts will dwindle.





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