Increasing Accessibility Is The Right Thing To Do

The ADA and Your Website: Ensuring Inclusion for Millions of Disabled People

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The ADA, or Americans with Disabilities Act, is a federal law that ensures that people with disabilities can fully and equally enjoy the benefits of goods, services, facilities, and employment.

In other words, if someone has a disability and wants to browse or buy something from your website, they should be able to do so without encountering any accessibility barriers.

It’s important to remember that not all disabilities are physical or apparent to the eye – your website must be accessible for disabled visitors of every kind.

But what about websites that don’t offer an ADA-compliant experience?

This article will explore the importance of including ADA compliance in your overreaching business and online strategy.

Social Responsibility

Make Your Website Accessible To All

In an era when “inclusivity” is a popular talking point of many companies, not offering website controls for disabled visitors is a glaring oversight. It reflects that some basic policies of inclusivity aren’t getting supported. To some, this might even feel a bit hypocritical and not socially responsible at all.

Improved Online Visibility

As the major search engines have evolved and improved technology, it should come as no surprise that websites that meet higher standards tend to have higher visibility in search results. Meeting ADA compliance standards can be a significant factor in improving search engine rank.

Protect Your Business

Another significant advantage of making your website ADA compliant is that it protects your business interests. ADA compliance is a legal requirement, and failing to meet it can result in lawsuits from plaintiffs who make claims against you.

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Inclusivity As Part Of Your Corporate Culture

If any part of your corporate culture boasts the tenants of inclusivity, but your website doesn’t make it easy for millions of disabled people to view your website, it’s hard to take you seriously!

It’s one thing for company owners to “talk the talk,” but an entirely different story about “walking the walk” as it applies to inclusivity and ADA compliance.

Making your website ADA compliant and meeting the standards of accessibility will allow you to be more inclusive, which could lead to improved user experiences and higher revenue.

For companies who are serious about supporting inclusivity and maintaining a robust online presence, implementing ADA accessibility is just brilliant business sense.

Without it, you’re leaving millions of people out.