Boost Sales And Customer Satisfaction With A Business Loyalty Program

Need to make more sales? Want to build stronger customer relationships? If yes, launching a small business loyalty program is one of the most proactive steps to attract more business, increase customer retention, and raise average ticket prices.

Boost revenues with Loyalty Programs
Boost revenues with Loyalty Programs

How Loyalty Programs Help Your Business Grow

Increased Customer Retention 

You might be surprised to learn that your existing customer base is more likely to purchase from you when they are part of a loyalty program. Offering customer reward programs is a win-win for everyone!

Generates Repeat Business 

Loyalty programs are proven to increase customer visits or purchases. Whether promoting special offers, new products, or service offerings, a mobile app loyalty program can help create buzz, excitement, and repeat business from new and existing customers.

Increases Customer Engagement 

Loyalty programs incentivize customers to regularly visit and engage with your business, which helps build relationships and strengthen customer loyalty.

Grow Customer Base

Loyalty programs help with customer acquisition by giving them reasons to become program members. In addition, they can integrate your POS system to streamline reward points and sales data.

Gain Customer Insights

Company owners can reward customers and gain insights into customers’ buying habits. Customers reveal their preferences with data collected through their loyalty program. With this information, business owners can fine-tune their loyalty programs and offerings to align with their interests, desires, and needs.

Boosts Customer Referrals

It’s no secret that happy customers are more likely to refer your business to others. Loyalty programs with a “referral” feature make it even easier for customers to share your business with their friends. That helps get new customers, repeat purchases, and increase credit card sales.

Acknowledge Special Dates 

Let’s face it, milestones in life are a big deal. With a customer loyalty program, every business owner can remember and automatically send messages, offers, and promotions to loyal customers on their special milestone dates, including birthdays, anniversaries, or other relevant dates, to recognize them and make them feel appreciated.

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Reward Your Best Customers

Reward Your Best Customers

Is There A Reward Program That’s Easy For Small Business To Deploy?

Whether you’re an established company or a startup entering new markets, a reward program plays a role in a comprehensive omnichannel marketing strategy. Knowing this raises the question, is there a reward program that’s easy for a small business to deploy? The answer is “yes!

At Performance Marketing Group Inc., we make launching a customer loyalty program simple! All your favorite customers need is an Email address and a phone number to enroll!

With optional printed loyalty cards and punchcard options available, every small business can tap into the power of customer loyalty, whether using their Smartphone and digital devices or visiting your physical location.